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Communication with Cecil The Lion

Cecil and Jericho BRENT STAPELKAMP


Cecil (black mane) with his brother Jericho.

Thank you, Brent Stapelkamp for this beautiful photo.

Pet Psychic / Animal Communicator

Talks With

Cecil The Lion


A client of mine asked me to speak with Cecil the Lion. I didn’t post it right away because it is a little sad.  Feelings can change very quickly in Heaven (or the other side) so it does not mean that Cecil continues to feel this way. It is just that at the moment that I contacted him this is where he was.  Also I must clarify that Cecil did cross over. He is not trapped in the in-between worlds anywhere.  This is just his path.

I would post a picture of him but I do not have any legal rights to any photo.  If any one would like share a photo with me for this post I would be so grateful.

Thank you for caring.

This is what Cecil said on 08-01-2015,

“For many hours my soul was exhausted and I tried to make sense of suffering, pain, the fight to live and how to defend my pride. I had thoughts that I did not know that I had inside of me. I had thoughts of being weak, being scared and fearful and being with out my life. I realized that death was coming and I felt strangely depressed. I didn’t know I was able to have emotions like that. I wonder if this is how my prey has felt. Being hunted by humans seemed so strange and out of nature. It felt like my environment and my home had been raided by foreign beings that did not belong in our lands.

When I had the tracking collar put on me I realized that man was not innocent. They did strange things that my mind could not comprehend. But I did not feel fear. I have seen people in awe of me and I never felt fear but when the people lured me with the dead carcass I thought they were helping me. I thought they realized that I had a weak female in my pride and they where helping me feed her. I did not need their help and that is where I went wrong. That is where my instincts as a lion crossed over from being natural. Normally I would not think about accepting food from humans.

When they put the light on me and shot me and I felt the pain.  The pain came more and more slowly. It was like it has a poison that ran all through my body and started to paralyze me. I tried to fight it off. When they sent me to heaven finally time I saw them for who they are and I crossed a river of great darkness. I crossed a river of great sickness and I realize that these men are sick men. If they were born in my pride I would have killed them long ago, but humans do not kill. They do not kill their mentally sick and they are allowed to keep breeding and it taints the gene pool. This does not happen in the wild.

I see that these men think that they are strong. They think that they have control of us but they don’t. they think that if they kill us that they control the nature and the energy that run through us but they do not understand our ways. They do not realize that what they do cuts away at their souls and the more they do it the darker their soul gets.

They do not realize that we are the purity that this earth has left. We are the planet. When they kill us they are poisoning the field of energy that runs through all things. I have seen your cities and have seen inside your homes and I fear for you and I fear now for my lands because the earth is so ill and there are so little people who are fighting for it to continuing breathing.

I see that so many people want to talk about how what happened to me is so unjust but this is a common practice and I am just one of hundreds. People want to rant and rave but they do nothing to actually create change. If there was something wrong in the environment in my pride we would move away or we would pray to the energy of life to bring back the health of the lands. All animals do this. We are one with our lands. But I watch people and they scream and rant and rave but nothing gets done and it is left up to a small percentage of people who have very little money and resources to keep fighting.

I am glad that people look at me and feel something but it will only bring me hope if people change their lives. Your world is very sick.”

I asked him, “What is your Heaven like?”

He responded,

“I have not fully rested for the shock of inhumanity of my death has pulled me to keep watching. The death continues and the dark energy around these being swarms my lands. All animals are in fear and I feel like it is up to me to watch over my land and to make sure that the animals feel safe.

I still feel the pain where the dark went through me and released its poison. I still feel the confusion of the intense pain.

An animal like me never leaves its pride. When a lion like me gets old and is taken down by a younger lion it is what is best for the pride. This is not best. The younger lion was not ready. He did not learn enough about himself or the pride to make such decisions.

If there is a heaven for me then I know that it is a place with out humans. Humans have moved so far away from their instincts and their true nature.

I am not going to tell you that I feel at peace. I will not feel peace until this is resolved. I understand that I am dead. I understand that I am not in body but my consciousness is very much still in my land and this is where I need to be. If I needed to be somewhere else. I would be somewhere else.

I want to tell people that in order for you to get the feeling of satisfaction in your life’s you have to stop being so selfish and start helping others. You need to look inside your own communities and make it a safer place. Once you can do that then you can branch out to the animals of the world. I know that there are people that fight to save the animals and make sure they do not suffer in the hands of others. For those people I am very thankful but there needs to be more of you. This needs to be a priority. People know longer know how to focus on tasks that heal that planet. They pursue more selfish goals. This is not about money. This is about keeping the energy of our ecosystem alive and healthy. Help others. Help the animals. Stay on task.”

UPDATE 9/11/15

Cecil says,

I am at the kingdom of the divine gate of love. I am at the center of the circle of love. I have arrows around and the ancient wisdom seekers and the beings of shamanic paths are guarding my temple of love. There is no fear where I am now. there is no judgement and no fighting with my inner sanctions. I am not afraid of my future of my pride or the future of the land where I was killed. I am big and bold and powerful and I am the protector of all. I watch over the people who fight for me. I watch over the organizations that write and protect me. I am there hero and their noble light source. I am the embodiment of wrong authority being persecuted and taking responsibility for their actions. I am energized by the human race who are touched my our plight. I am love. I give love and I receive love and I want all to know that there is no more pain in my soul. I am honored to be the symbol of the great destruction of the wild. I am honored to be the symbol of the fight and the empathy and the compassion that is growing with in people. I am honor. Thank you all for caring so deeply about me and others like me. I will forever watch over each individual and the organizations that fight for the wilds honor. I am a peace and no more tears need to be shade. Put your swords in your pocket and arm yourself with words and action to make changes. Hear me roar when you are close to change. For I am sure to be there walking beside you. I am your companion and your friend. I am free. Love is only within me now. The future will be kind. The future will be back to nature.”


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Male African Lion (not exact one that speaks in article)

I was watching a TV show on National Geographic Wild called Caught In The Act.  This show NatGeo describes as, “Animals are captured on tape in rare and often spontaneous situations.  Experts offer us insights into the unique animal behavior.” There was one situation that stumped the expert.  On one of his outings he had come across a recently killed dead lion cub.  There were two adult African Lions near by.  One adult male African lion picked up the cub and took it into the brush.  Once he laid down with it he lifted his head and huffed loudly.  This looked similar to our domestic house cats when they lift their heads and open their mouths to catch a sent.  The naturalist explained that this is usually a subordinate gesture.  Then the lion started to lick the dead cub and continued with shocking unexpected behavior.  He became a cannibal and proceeded to eat the dead cub.  Cannibalism in African Lions is rare.  The expert speculated that this behavior was to make a statement rather than out of hunger.  He guessed that that this cub was probably this adult African lions offspring.  It takes two years for a lioness to be ready to mate after having offspring. So it is not uncommon that a new dominant adult lion will kill cubs so that the lioness will be ready to mate sooner.  The expert stated the adult lion is only fertile for three years so the new dominate male probably figured two years is too long to wait and he better kill the cub so the female will be ready sooner.

I ask myself, “What really did happen? Which lion was dominant and who was subordinate? Who killed the cub?  Why did the African Lion become a cannibal and eat the cub?”   There was a clear picture on film of the African Lion so I decided to ask him myself.

Here is what the cannibal African Lion says, “He had been circling my territory for many days.  Each day he would get closer.  There were other females in the area but they did not interest him.  I could tell that he was stronger than me by the way he paced around my territory.  He had more stamina and a cleverer mind.  I knew from the beginning that he was stronger.  He lied down and watched the cub for hours before he went after it.  I made some advances towards him but they were with poor effort.  I knew that if we fought I would not win.  I let him kill my cub.  I forced myself to watch. I could not run away.  I know that if I did not fight him I would be allowed to stay in the territory until I found another of my own.  I did not mean to eat the cub when I took it away.  I meant to just keep it by my side.  I wanted to hide it from the lioness.  I did not want her to see it.  She has acute smell so I thought if I ate it I could hide it.  I told myself that it was one of the bigger game and it was not my cub but the sorrow engulfed me and I felt ashamed.  I was not starving.  I did not need to eat him.”

I ask him, “Wasn’t the lioness near?  She must of known everything that happened and there must have been more cubs then just one.”

The lion answers, “She was out hunting with the other lionesses.  There was just one cub.  She had two but one died very young.”

I ask what happened when she found the cub missing.  He answers, “When she came back she knew instantly because the other lion was there and I was not allowed to get close to her.  She had seen the other lion circling our territory so she was not surprised.  When I saw her from a distance she asked me what I did with the cub and I told her the cub is in the world of spirit.  She had known I had taken it away but she does not know what exactly happened to it.  I took the rest of his body far and left it for the jackals.”

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