The Pet Psychic®


Are you too attached to your pet and if so what to do.

Laura Stinchfield – The Pet Psychic ® and Kim Klein Intuitive Counselor talk about the human animal bond. C
an humans become too attached to their animal?
Can a human’s attachment cause unhealthy emotional states?
Laura explains why dogs have leash aggression and how people are making their animals scared of the vet.
We also discuss:
Separation anxiety
Heart problems
Fear of Pet Sitters
and is our attachment interfering with our social life

The Pet Psychic: Animal Zone S7 E1 Lilly The Rescued Pit Bull Mix From Stray to Spoiled – The Pet Psychic

On This Episode of Animal Zone Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic talks to a rescue dog named Lilly. She talks to us about why she had a swollen head when she showed up at her rescuers house and what Lilly misses about her old life. Formally stray dog gone spoiled.