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Vlog # 5 Vegetarian To Vegan * Vegan Pet Psychic

Vegetarian To Vegan

Reason #1 Animal Testing

I learn about animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry.  Watch what my animals have to say.


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Becoming A Vegan

My Experiences Becoming A Vegan

When I was 9 years old I became a vegetarian on Thanksgiving Day. It was easy.

This year at 39 on Thanksgiving Day, I have committed to spending a year as Vegan. Maybe even the whole rest of my life.

I am going to blog and video log about my experiences.  So here it goes….

I know the die-hard vegans are going to cringe when I write…  It’s been hard for me to study animal rights.  I already experience so much animal suffering in my daily life/work that my body nor my emotional state could handle anymore knowledge of suffering.  I would start to feel sick and depressed.   I had to shut a part of my heart off.

I know I am not the only one.  I witness it everyday.

In the past year, I have eaten a lot of eggs. I thought that if I were given eggs from my friends’ farms where the chickens are healthy, happy, and can live their lives free-roaming it is ok.

A couple of weeks ago, I was mortified to learn that one of my friend’s ranch hands gave away her middle-aged chickens (probably to be eaten) and replaced them with young chickens.  I just about died with guilt.  It slapped me into the realization that chickens can experience suffering anywhere. To think of those chickens being taken away from their safe home to their frightening deaths.

I can’t eat eggs anymore.  That was the beginning of me becoming a vegan.  I haven’t missed the taste of eggs yet (or maybe I never will).

It is time that I must open my eyes a little further.  I am stronger now.  I now know how to take care of myself. I know when to breathe, pray, do yoga, meditate, bath in salt, drink some juice, sage… when the suffering engulfs me and takes me to a deep place of despair.

Everything the animals think and feel goes through my body.  Everything. If they are suffering, I feel it in my body as if I am suffering.  That is downfall of my work and what I am constantly struggling with.  Suffering makes me tired.

I love Cashmere. I love the soft warm feel of it against my bare skin. I love a cashmere sweater with hood to keep my ears out of the cold on winters eve.  I love cashmere gloves on a morning walk. I love cashmere sweater and sweet pants and a cashmere sweater over a cocktail dress.

Though did you know that Cashmere is Cruel?

Cashmere Goat.                                               copyright: Someone on the web.

How could I hurt such a beautiful creature

as the one pictured above?

So Why Is Cashmere Cruel?

From Peta’s Website:

“Cashmere is hair that is shorn from cashmere goats’ underbellies.  These goats are often kept on farms where they are dehorned and castrated and have their ears notched without anesthesia.  Goats with “defects” in their coats are typically killed before the age of 2.  Industry experts expect farmers to kill 50 to 80 percent of young goats whose coats do not meet standards. Shearing robs goats of their natural insulation, leaving them vulnerable to cold temperatures and illnesses.  Many goats are sold to be slaughtered for their flesh after shearing.”

Click Here to read why Silk, Shearling, and Other Animal Products are not kind to animals.

I read that now and I internalize it in a way I was never able to before.  … Breathe in.  Breathe out. … Breathe in. Breathe out.

I have been scared for too long that the consciousness of animal suffering that comes with becoming a vegan would make me depressed.  It’s time to see.  Maybe I will surprise myself and by honoring the animals I will become more joyful.  We will see.  Stay tuned.




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Casey Travels To Places In Her Mind

The Inner Lives of Animals

Casey is a 8.5 year old female

I asked Casey what would make her feel more comfortable when she is left in the house alone.

Casey wanted the TV on.

She explained why,

“Do you know I went to the place where there was water in homes? 

When I went there I found a dog.   I told the dog, ‘go to any person that has compassion in their eyes and you will be safe’.

That is what I did in my mind cause the TV was on.”

Casey was talking about the devastation after Hurricane Sandy. From watching the TV she had images of what those areas looked like.  Casey tuned into those areas in a similar way I that I find and talk to animals from a distance.  When Casey did this she connected with a frightened dog and was able to help this dog.

Sometimes our animals are helping others even when do not know it.



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Totoro passed away 9-16-12


When I asked Totoro if he comes and visits his people he said from heaven,

“Yes, I come to be in the house with them. I sleep with mom and grandma.  I also hang out with Akira (other cat in house) when she needs company.

Mom I want you to know here in heaven it is like a comfortable room filled with pillows and tunnels to hide and take me to other places.

The tunnels take me to places where I can see cats that need homes.  I match the cats up with people.  I try to make sure I give strong people difficult cats and frail people easy cats.

Mom I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I know that watching me get more sick was hard on you. I always felt loved in your compassionate eyes. Mom, thank you.”

*mom is his person.

It amazes me everyday how complex our spirits are and how we live on after death. Many animals have a job in heaven.  It is comforting to me to know that Totoro is watching over some of the homeless cats on earth.

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Children And Animal Rights

Britains Got Talent

2011 Olivia Binfield

This video brought tears to my eyes.  I am touched when children have a passion for helping the world’s animals.



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11/11 Pet Psychic & Animal Chiropractic All In One

As many of you know I am a huge fan of chiropractic for animals.

This coming Sunday 11/11 in Ventura, CA.

I, Laura Stinchfield – Pet Psychic, am teaming up with Dr. Sherry Gaber. She will be adjusting the animals while I am talking to them. We can ask them how they feel in their bodies before and after Sherry and anything else you want to ask them. Chiropractic can help with Difficulty standing up or walking,

Poor appetite
Uneven gait
Sleep problems
Ear infections
Excessive licking
Lack of a desire for play
….And many more…

Please contact me at laura@petpsychic.wpengine.com to book your session.

half hour $100, 45 min $150, 1 hour $200.
This is a very exciting unique event!

Watch A Video of Sherry Working:

Also in video owner of Aloha Dog Grooming in Ventura Tina Baselice


Sherry’s website: http://sherrygaberdc.com/

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Rosie and Ziggy * Animals and Hurricane Sandy

NY Pets and Hurricane Sandy

I was in NY at my parents’ house during the Storm.

Rosie and Ziggy are their two dogs.


Rosie was obsessed with the wind.  She would repetitively run out the dog door, around the house and then scratch at the front door to be let in.

She said, “I feel the wind on my paws when I run!  The noise outside scares me into curiosity. The smells are too much to understand. I love it!”


During the Hurricane, I took Ziggy out on a leash and explained to him that he must poop and pee now because it will get worse.

He said, “I am nervous out here.  There are too many smells and sounds.  I dont like the feeling I have.”  His eyes were wide with fear and shifting in all directions as he did what he was told.  He is such a good boy!

This is what Ziggy looked liked inside.


I locked the dog door so Rosie couldn’t keep running outside. It was too dangerous.

Rosie watched me disappointingly and then found her post on an ottoman staring out into the storm.

The picture below was actually taken earlier in the day when the storm was just brewing.  Though the stance is the same 🙂

Rosie Watching The Storm


Full Article:

New York Winds

Hurricane in the Countryside

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The morning Hurricane Sandy arrived I walked my parents’ Brittany spaniel and American Cocker in the forest and fields around a pond in my New York home town. I warned every deer I saw that a big storm was coming. I didn’t feel they really needed my warning.

The wind shaking the remaining colors off the trees and the clouds being pushed like shoveled snow was proof enough. We walked a long time that afternoon, enjoying the remaining balance of nature. The wind was warm, reminding me of California’s Santa Anas.

When I arrived home, the neighbors’ chickens where scurrying about making talkative busy noises. My father and I went out together to stock up on goods, passing gas stations with NO GAS signs. As the sun began its downward curve, Rosie the Brittany and Ziggy the Cocker stared out the big double-paned windows watching pine trees bend in the distance. The power flickered, then went out. The generator didn’t start. My father couldn’t find the key, and once he did he needed to rush out for coolant. The darkness brought the powerful hot and cold wind.

Rosie was obsessed with the wind, running out the dog door around the house and then scratching at the front door to be let in: “I feel the wind on my paws when I run! The smells are too much to understand. The noise outside scares me into curiosity.” She panted in pure excitement. Right before the brunt of the storm, I took Ziggy out on a leash and explained to him that he must poop and pee now because it will get worse. His eyes were wide with fear and shifting in all directions as he did what he was told. The wind tossed me several steps. I heard the cracking of trees in the distance. The full moon peered out of the clouds for an instant as if to say, “Remember me. I am bringing in the tides. But here you are safe from the waters.”

Rosie looking out the window as the hurricane quickens.

“I am locking the dog door,” I announced. Rosie watched me disappointedly and then found her post on an ottoman staring out into the darkness.

The rain was not heavy in our area but the wind was a constant swirl. It ripped the heavy screen door off my parent’s house and continuously rang the wind chimes, reminding me of the boats out at the harbor and the Bounty’s crew lost at sea.

The deer called out to me in the middle of the night, saying, “Thank you for warning.” They were in a cave by the lake, huddled together. “Where are you?” They asked. I explained to them. Pictured the south end of the lake, the trees along my parent’s driveway and the upstairs window of the house.

When we awoke we found that huge pine trees on the border of my parents property were snapped in the middle. Hundred-year-plus maples where pushed down like dominoes, leaving the underground roots exposed. The air was eerily silent and cold.

I told my mother about the deer thanking me and asking where I lived. She exclaimed, “You didn’t tell them, did you? They are eating my bushes.” Later they grazed and napped in fields in front of the pine trees just like they always have. My mother’s smile was admittance of happiness to see them safe

It didn’t take us long to notice there was spotty cell service – towers running out of diesel fuel, cancelled flights, telephone poles and trees on wires dangling over the streets, broken power lines everywhere. Most streets were impassable. The ones that were open were dangerous. There were no workers in site.

As the news started to brew my anxiousness grew greater. Friends-of-friends’ houses had burned to the ground. In the small lake community where I lived in my 20s a tree killed two young boys. My Staten Island friend had eight feet of water in his house. “I am thankful” he said. “It’s a miracle the water and sewage didn’t reach the second floor or blow out the windows. Now just waiting to hear is the foundation is safe.”

Most people were scared, cold, and had not showered. New York City to past Boston remained dark and in a state of emergency. My New York City friends confessed to being in a state of shock and exhibiting post-traumatic stress. My uncle was climbing 14 flights of stairs to get home.

My parent’s full house generator worked. We had fresh coffee and eggs for breakfast, charged our iPads with ease. With no Internet, I was disconnected from my business. I was stressed but I had time to read books, do yoga, and write a letter to my nieces about how a unicorn was brought to grammie’s and grandpa’s by the windy storm.

On the day I left NY the wind outside my parents’ house was calm, but the air chilled my exposed skin. In the morning, I stood outside for a moment and prayed for the ones who are suffering. I pondered the intensity of Mother Nature. I toke a breath, centered myself, and was present. I saw five robins playing on a maple sapling. The weight of them bounced the branches like a seesaw. All their eyes were on me, acknowledging that I saw them. A white-and-black cat explored the tunnels of the downed trees. He looked back at me when I spotted him. “Good hunting” I heard. Surprisingly, the neighbor’s chickens remained quiet – afraid their sounds may bring back the wind.

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