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Joey’s Passing the 33 hours afterwards

  I will try and write the highlights of the last 24+ hours since Joey’s passing.  There has been more said between me and my animals and more experiences though these are the ones that are coming to mind just now.  Thank you all for caring. The day before Joey passed Luca said, “What is …

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Joey update

People have been asking for an update on Joey. The vets have thought his progress to be a miracle. There is no longer fluid in his lungs. Though on Friday night I noticed joeys front legs were swollen. My vet was off this weekend & by text message he said it could probably wait till …

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Stormy’s Dream

  Stormy my Aussie woke me up and said, “I had a dream I was flying in the stars. I asked myself ‘is this heaven?’ and I then heard ‘no this is the heart of the universe’”