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  Buddy says, “My dad now is really cool. He is always talking to me about being happy and enjoying myself. He pets me in all the right places and I like it when I have bad mood for him to touch me on the neck. It makes me feel better when someone touches me …

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    Buggie is in heaven. During a session with me her person asked what Buggie thinks of the painting she had commissioned for her (painting above). Buggie replied, “Mom it is beautiful and I want you to know that they did my eyes well. Don’t you think? Mom it is really wonderful and I …

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Animal Communicator * Fourth of July * Talk To Your Animals

July 4th – Fireworks Talk To Your Animals  It is fireworks season again! This is a stressful time of year for even our most confident pets. Random, unpredictable popping and sizzling occur without warning, deafening our animals’ ears and confusing their senses. The smell of burning alone can send our animals into flee mode. So …

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How Stormy Deals With Illness * Vlog #5

For weeks Stormy was coughing and panting.  It was starting to scare me.  This is how we dealt with his physical issues. Click on the arrow in the video below to watch the video:       Click Here To Read Article Storm Believes In Miracle Healings!  In this article Stormy explains how he healed …

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