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Laura Out And About

This is Fleur. She is a 2 year old cat that is available for adoption. We will be talking to her on Pet Psychic Radio Today! Fleur was rescued by Sarah Lillard of Kitten Rescue LA Website https://new.livestream.com/FosterKittenCuddleRoom Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/SarahsKittenCuddleRoom PET PSYCHIC RADIO LIVE THURSDAYS at 12 pm PST. call in line 917-889-2693 Listen …

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What to Do with a Broken Heart

What to Do with a Broken Heart Clues from Animalia Serafina (cat) says, “Stretch, look in the mirror, and tell yourself you are beautiful. Get out in nature and enjoy the sun.” Stormy (Aussie dog) says, “Make sure you eat good food and take care of your body. Breathe and care of yourself. Do the things you love …

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Animals Say You Should Ask For Help

Ask for Help Animals Do, and So Can You Often when I am speaking with animals they talk about spirits on the other side that are around their people.  In my experience, these spirits are mostly deceased loved ones, ancestors, or angelic creatures.  Rarely are they negative entities.  The animals tell us there are times when, in …

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A Friend Of Elephants ~ Pat Derby Passes Away

Animals & Animal Lovers Have Lost An Amazing Woman From PAWS Performing Animal Welfare Society: Patricia B. Derby June 7, 1943-February 15, 2013 Pat Derby was a partner, leader, mentor, teacher and friend. She was the first to champion the cause of performing animals, and today, because of her work and her fierce determination, most …

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Animal Love Advice

Love Advice What Do They Know About It? Animals often bring me to wonder with their level of consciousness. They talk about their basic needs, and then surprise me with gems of wise insight. They often notice what makes us happy and what makes uncomfortable, frequently giving their people advice to be happy. In honor of Valentines Day, …

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How To Listen To The Animals

Watch Your Mind Thought Television Saturday, February 9, 2013 People receive telepathic communication from animals in about four different ways. 1. Images. Images can flash into your mind’s eye. It can be one picture or it can look like a film. For instance, if a dog is telling you they like string cheese, you will see string cheese …

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Pet Psychic Radio 2-07-13

Animals Talk To Their People Resentments, Trust, and Health On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio: Anita-Shepherd Retriever mix is with person’s grandpa. Popsickle is back. Teja black lab tells mom “Stop crying”. Wednesday the cat teaches his person a lesson. Layla staff terrier updates us on her new adoptive family. Doug the white terrier …

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Animals, Dying, Death & The AfterLife * Vlog #6

Stories of my animals and their passing. All you should know about animal death and dying and the afterlife.   Part One:  Laura tells us about her animals and their amazing stories around death.  (I am not sure what you will all think of these stories.  Would love some feedback.) At 27.55 Part Two Starts …

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