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Getting Over Pain

Getting Over Pain

First published in the

Santa Barbara News-Press



Over the course of the last few months, animals of our area and beyond have been asking me about the fires and the mudslide.  A common theme are questions about being buried.  Who, when, how, what does that mean? And also, about all the helicopters in the sky. Reading them over they made me depressed.  So instead of listing them here, I have asked my animals what their advice is to deal with the trauma.  My animals lived through the fire and have been with me when I have spoken to people and animals that experienced the mudslide firsthand.  Jubilee was evacuated while the fire was closing in on the ranch.

Luca my 7-year-old poodle says, “I spoke to a dog at doggy day care (in SB) whose dog friend was buried in mud. He told me his friend came to him in a dream. His friend said he was only scared for a moment when his house crumbled.  He said the sky was filled with angels of all species. They guided the dead to Heaven.   I have learned that when something bad happens there are always angels making it easy on your soul. I trust in that.”


Easter 3-year-old Chihuahua mix says, “I say play with your animals and you both will feel better. I do this all the time.”





Felix 5-year-old Chihuahua mix, “When I have memories of bad times, I force myself to think about all my friends who love me and all the fun things I do. Then the monsters in my head don’t seem so choking.”




Clyde 3-year-old Flemish Giant Rabbit says, “I find going out in the yard to dig is the best way to deal with trauma. Some people are helping to find important things in the mud.  I think that is awesome.”




Ella says, “Talk with your animals about what happened so they understand it.  When I am confused, I get more stressed. Before this mom, I peed around the house when I was stressed. Now I understand, and I pee in the box. If your animals are being naughty, talk with them.”



Seamora 26-year-old Blue and Gold Macaw says, “I had to go to Menagerie bird store during the fire evacuations. I was in awe at the amount of people who got strong and cared to help.  Pay attention to the strength inside of you and others. Be in awe of yourself.”



Jubilee 7-year-old Warmblood/Appy mare says, “I fight when I go through trauma. I fight hard but sometimes I fight too much and that messes me up.  I am working towards trusting others to help me.”




Hudson 3-year-old white German Shepherd says, “I think the best thing people can do when they are going through trauma is help others. Many people suffer.  It helps to be useful.  Know yourself and your thoughts and send love to the world around you.  See beauty where ever you look. Life is all in your attitude.”

Want to hear what your animals have to say?

Click below:

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My friend, the rat

My friend, the rat

First published in the

Santa Barbara News-Press





The night had just fallen. My two Chihuahua mixes Felix and Easter, my 30 lb poodle Luca and my white German shepherd Hudson stood with their chins raised staring up into the branches of the ash tree in our backyard, their front legs tapping and bouncing, their tails straight out behind them.I thought nothing of it.Then a small dark figure dropped from the tree and smacked hard against the metal cover of the fire pit.  The dogs instantly went into full pursuit. Breath ran out of me. “Did they catch him?”

I sprang into action.  “Leave it! No Kill Zone” I screamed just louder than a whisper intensifying my energy and my body language towards one dog in prey drive and then to another.

The dogs froze, their eyes pierced the darkness towards my feet. There was the little animal moving as I moved, safely staying close to the arch of my left foot.

“Into the house” I ordered. One by one the dogs ran inside.

“Where did he go?” I wondered.

My eyes caught him under the glass lawn table, hiding behind the leg of a chair, his little eyes peering out at me catching the light from the kitchen window.

“Please do not be hurt.” I whispered inwardly, filling my heart with love while sending him compassion.

“Are you alright little guy?”

To my amazement the little rat blinked his eyes, reached his tiny paws upward, stretching his body up the chair leg and then with equal curiosity to mine climbed up to the top of the chair and rested twelve inches from my face.

“I am out of breath.” He shared. His small torso rapidly expanded in and out.  His head was awkwardly tilted to the side and one eye appeared to bulge.

Tears filled my eyes.   “He must be in pain.” I quivered.

“Did the dogs get you?” I asked.

“No, you kept me safe. I hit my head when I fell.”

“How did you know that I would keep you safe?”  I questioned.

“I am the rat.”  He replied. “The one you have been talking to.  I left your attic and stopped pooping on your outdoor parrot cage because it’s unsanitary and I moved my family next door when you told me you were getting a cat. I have done everything you have asked because you have taken the time to explain to me what you need and why. In return, you don’t trap me or poison me and I get to drink water out of your fountain and eat food the parrot drops on the ground.  We live harmoniously.”

“Thank you for listening to me.”

“Is it safe to go home now?’ he asked blinking his eyes tiredly.

“yes” I told him. “It is safe to go home.”

And with that, my friend the rat, scurried down the chair, across the yard and up the bamboo adjacent to the ash tree leaving me with the sense of wonder of a child.


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Feature In The Santa Barbara News Press

Click on the left hand side of the bottom of the photo to read the second page or to magnify your view.  Thanks for reading!


WED-022818-A6 News press
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It was wonderful to see my mentor Linda Tellington-Jones at her clinic last weekend. Here Linda does some ear work on Sweetie.

Jubilee, my horse, could not attend the clinic because she was not feeling well. On the last day of the clinic, I had to rush home because Jubilee was sick. On Halloween Jubilee was diagnosed with Ulcers. She is on the mend. I know that I should post more when my animals are going through issues like this but I tend to move more inward.

Carol LA a TTouch Instructor writes about Ear work: After calling the veterinarian, start working on your horse’s ears. Start at the base of the ear, fold the ear on itself with your fingers on one side and thumb on the other, and slide along the length of the ear. When you reach the tip, rub it between your thumb and fingers to activate the shock point. Keep repeating the slide and the rub of the tip. You can also make circles or rub around the base of the ear, where it joins the head, to activate the acupuncture point for digestion and respiration.

Working the ears in the case of colic, or any other situation where shock is a factor, helps to balance an animal’s system and bring, or keep, him out of shock. Working each ear individually, rather than both at the same time, usually is more effective. Also, you can stroke an ear while walking the horse if the horse seems to prefer moving. If the horse is standing or lying and not trying to roll or to thrash, do the TTouch techniques without walking. Consider that the horse might be tired or exhausted from hours of discomfort and might need to rest. The TTouch can relieve many of the horse’s symptoms without added stress.

Working the muzzle, nostrils and mouthWorking the ears is most important since it affects the entire system of the horse, but there are other helpful techniques. You can read more here:

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Serafina’s Cremation

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It’s Stormy 


Hudson 6.5 month old German Shepherd reincarnation of my beloved Stormy (late 16 year old Aussie with a tail)! 

I am %100 percent convinced Hudson is Stormy. He recognizes all his old friends, has been perfect from the beginning, lies in the same places, walks and plays the same way and is just the same old pure love!

I have been posting all the silly things Hudson says because I have been enjoying the pure goofy innocence Stormy has in a puppy again. 
Though I want to share other things Hudson has said that are sooo Stormy. Here are a few, 
“Mom, I just remembered something. I’m love. I think I love myself. Yes. I love myself.”   
“Wait! What happened? Did you just close all the windows and turn on cold air blowing? Did you make that happen? I know where you turned it on! Mom, teach me! Please teach me how!” 

“I think I came back beautiful so that I can remind people to be in awe and then from that place people can search for the beauty inside of themselves.”  

“It is so nice to be able to play without my body hurting. I remember when it was time for me to die. It was sad for you. But now I’m back so you can be happy again.”  

“I don’t get really excited to see you when you come home like Luca and Felix do because I traveled with the Angels to other universes and found you again. So I know I will always see you again. Being apart for a moment is no big deal.” 

“Everybody should love themselves.”

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Animal Reincarnation – Minnie is Back










Every now and then an animal says they are going to reincarnate back to their person and tells me how their person will know it is them. These sessions always make me nervous because time is different on the other side and sometimes it feels like a treasure hunt finding them.
Here is an email from a woman giving me an update on her search. Hint: She found her dog!
It’s a great email because it shows the feelings one may go through during the search. I love it & the miracle of the universe! Enjoy:
Hi, Laura! I’ve had several readings with you regarding my dog who passed away from oral cancer back in November. Her name was Minnie and she was a Yorkshire Terrier. I’ve had a lot of difficulties finding her, and found myself looking for her every single day without any luck. One Friday night, I got a strong feeling telling me to check again, and there were new Maltese/Yorkie mix puppies listed on PetFinder! It was about 2AM, and I immediately woke back up and filled out an application. Two days later, I was able to stop by and adopt her. It felt like everything worked out, especially because there had been so many other yorkies in the past that I felt could have been Minnie, and it never worked out. I was beginning to feel frustrated and upset.
When I got to the adoption event, there were about 4 other Yorkies. The first one I picked up, I kept thinking, “Is this her? Is this Minnie? It must be her! I think so… What if it’s not? What if it is?” And I was tempted to just adopt her so that I could finally end my search. But something told me to keep looking. So I picked up another Yorkie, and I kept asking myself the same things, “Is this her? I don’t know! It might be!” So I put her down. Finally, I saw a little Morkie hiding behind a towel. I picked her up and she immediately put her head down to rest on my chest and looked up straight into my eyes (Minnie ALWAYS did that). I didn’t second guess it, I didn’t question it this time. I didn’t ask myself whether this was her, because I knew it! I got a very strong feeling of security and happiness, like a miracle had just happened! She stayed very calm with me, whereas the other dogs I picked up were all energetic and trying to jump out of my arms.
I noticed during the ride home that she kept pushing her nose up all over me, wherever she could. My arm, my leg, my face, etc… I didn’t remember it from our previous reading together, and I only remembered it later on that she had said “The thing that my mom needs to know is that she will know me also from my nose push. Its like I push my nose into her.” And yes, she was! Not just any nose push. But she was pushing her nose so hard into me I was scared it was hurting her! She kept doing it so persistently, there was no way it was a coincidence.
So, I’ve only had her for 2 days now. I adopted her yesterday. She is a 2 month old baby puppy, and it is difficult to train her. She has been peeing and pooping everywhere, but I know that this is Minnie. I can feel it. I planned to give her a different name for a different life, but I can’t help but call her Minnie since she reminds me so much of Minnie! I have no doubts that I have found her! Thank you for all your help!

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Going to the Dogs, An Incredible True Story


A reminder to read: “Going to the Dogs, An Incredible True Story”

Think you know your animal friends? The author did too. Then she met Laura Stinchfield, who calls herself The Pet Psychic, and her world became enriched in ways she never knew were possible. You will meet Kundun, selfless, big-hearted pit bull-greyhound rescue, Genji, a spirited Paso Fino gelding, rambunctious Rasa and shy, abused Tara, Catahoula Leopard Hound sisters who tell their stories in their own words with the help of animal communicator, Laura, and their mom. The journey begins with a move from the wilds of northern New Mexico to the Ojai Valley in California. Experience this family’s joy, pain, love, loss and the author’s odyssey of caring for them as all age and confront their limitations, traumas, hopes, dreams and absolute devotion to each other. You will cry. You will laugh. And you will never think about animals in the same way again. The sudden illness and untimely death of a member of this animal family leads to conversations on the Other Side and introduces the reader to an alternate reality so surprising that it may completely change whatever one believes Heaven is.  

Author M. LOUISE HEYDT lives in the Ojai Valley in California. With a Master’s Degree in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she brings her academic knowledge of Buddhism, Hinduism, and the literary classics of China, India, and Japan into her writing.

Buy Online:

Laura Stinchfield’s official website 

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Pet Psychic Radio 07-18-13

Animal Talk

Great New Pet Psychic Radio Show! Growling Dogs, Animals’ first days in heaven, skin problems, why it is important to hold positive thoughts for you animals and more!

If you like this show like our page:



Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on BlogTalkRadio
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Pet Psychic & Animal Chiropractor Together – 2 for 1 Special!

Sherry Gaber returns again to do other amazing day in Ventura with me!


2 for 1 special

Laura Stinchfield – Pet Psychic


Animal Chiropractor Dr. Sherry Gaber

30 min $125

Saturday May 11 & Sunday May 12, 2013

Sorry Saturday May 11th is Booked. 

Email now to book your animal May 12, 2013.

This is really exciting!  Dr. Sherry returns for another great weekend!

Dr. Sherry D. Gaber certified animal chiropractor and certified in the NUCCA technique, only 25 worldwide certification coming to the Ojai, Ventura area May 11 and 12th, 2013. To work with me Laura Stinchfield – Pet Psychic.  Sherry will be adjusting the animals while I am talking to them. We can ask them how they feel in their bodies before and after Sherry’s adjustment and we can ask them any questions you may have for them.

Dr. Sherry has translated a very specific and unique clearing of the nervous system to allow for a great health potential and great movement for your pet, no matter the age.

Dogs, cat, and horses have experienced rapid relief from the following symptoms thru this specific form of chiropractic:

-difference in standing up or walking straighter, immediately

-poor appetite, after the adjustment the animal experiences better digestions, less gas, better bowel movements

-listlessness, after the adjustment, better energy immediately

– incontinence the center for bladder control is in the neck

-ear infections – scientific studies proves less infections

-excessive licking, after an adjustment the tingling sensations lessens, so less licking

-lack of desire for play, after the adjustment the body is balanced so play is easier and allows for better and easier movement.

Animal chiropractic is utilized for prevention of illnesses and over coming of the effects of past traumas.  It’s never too late and there’s much to release to allow better healing and movement.  Prevention is everything because we all have genetic weaknesses.  It’s an awesome experience to see one’s animal’s feel stronger and better balance to play, jump and be themselves.. immediately!!!

Let’s do this and see what they have to say about it all, and more.

Please contact me at to book your session.

This is a very exciting unique event!

Watch A Video of Sherry Working:

Also in video owner of Aloha Dog Grooming in Ventura Tina Baselice


Sherry’s website:

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