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Radio Show Summary

Stay tuned The Pet Psychic® Radio will be back soon!

The Pet Psychic® Radio show was live on Blogtalk Radio from 7/05/2010 – 4/16/2015. Its hosts are The Pet Psychic® Laura Stinchfield and show producer Ai Kusuhara.

You can listen to the shows by scrolling down this page, clicking here or by searching The Pet Psychic on any podcast app. 

Laura gave a voice to the animals helping them resolve behavioral and emotional issues as well as connecting people with their deceased pets. The show teaches people to have a conscious bond with their animal. Listeners learn telepathy as well as how to read animal body language.

Subjects include cats peeing outside the litter-box, a dog growing at the neighbor and finding out if animals are in pain. What does a rabbit think of the dog? Why does the cat bring twigs into the house. Rescue Organizations and their animals are often on the show.

Be prepared to be enlightened, amazed, to laugh and maybe cry as you are opened up to the inner lives, thoughts, and feelings of the world’s animals.

This show is fun for the whole family!


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What people are saying about Pet Psychic Radio:

“What a true honor to be on your show today and hear what Henry had to say!I was blown away by the conversation and tried so hard to stay quiet so as not to break the stream! Laura, you have been a hero and inspiration to me, and I can hardly express what an honor is was to be a guest on your show. Thank you for being the beautiful person you are and for doing what you do with such grace and love and kindness.”


“Wonderful, heartwarming and inspiring!!”


“I love this show… I am absolutely enamored with the messages that she gets from animals! She is truly blessed to have been given such a wonderful gift, and she has such a big heart to want to share it with as many as she can! I have always had a connection with animals and always desired with every fiber of my being that i could open myself up to communicate better with them. Some of the things the animals say is absolutely ADORABLE!! I can’t wait to call in, but the hard part will be deciding who I want to talk to first!”


“Love the show!”


“I learn so much each show and really enjoy that she invites guest speakers from charities
each time!”


“Informative, Entertaining, Heartfelt”


“I love tuning into this show every week. I’m not from California, Indiana actually, but I love to hear about all of the wonderful organizations that are featured every week. Listening to what’s going on in the lives of Ai, Laura, and their furry family members, and from people all over the country. Every week both the lives of people and their pets are changed. I find myself laughing and sometimes crying right alongside those that are receiving messages. If you’re not tuning in then you’re missing out!!”


“Thank you so much for your radio show; It has brought me a lot of solace to listen to your archives while I am grieving (the death of) my puppy”


“Hi Laura, just wanted to let you know that I have NEVER seen my Emma as calm as she is after you just talked to her (on the show). She kissed me over and over as if to say thank you!”


“Hi Laura, my name is Sharon and I am from Israel. We spoke on your radio show today about my pet quail. Just wanted to express my deep gratitude about the reading; it was spot on!”

“Hello Laura & Ai! I really want to thank you for talking to Nutter. The girls say he’s a LOT calmer today than he was yesterday and you’ve given me a good clue for why he has tummy troubles.”


“Hi Laura and Ai! Just wanted to say a big thank you to you two for doing the pet psychic radio show. I started listening to your show last week and i already learned so much, its amazing!!”


“It is obvious from listening to your show that animals have personalities….”


“Tylie (the one with separation anxiety) from today’s show. I left her for a little bit in the car on an errand and she was sitting nicely in the back seat (not even panting). she looked calm for once!”


“Wow! Great Show. I will tell my friends. They must listen. I am a member of pet loss groups and this would really help them.”


“After downloading all the Pet Psychic Radio podcasts and listening to an episode a day, I have caught up to the latest episode. Thank you for your radio show. It is educational, entertaining and inspirational.”

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