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Laura Stinchfield
Animal Communicator, People Medium, Author & Radio Host
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The Pet Psychic

Laura Stinchfield is an internationally renowned pet psychic and people medium.

For decades she has studied animal behavior and training, animal communication, telepathy, mediumship, death and dying, the afterlife, reincarnation, personal growth, meditation and consciousness.

Laura is the voice for anyone who cannot speak for themselves.

Her work is a source of knowledge and comfort to people and animals around the world.

How Can Laura Help You?

Pet Psychic Sessions ​

Connect with your alive or deceased animals

People Medium Sessions

Connect with deceased humans, babies, or anyone that can not speak for themselves.


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“Laura’s compassion, talent and her love for life makes her super gifted as a communicator. She is unlike any other psychic I have ever encountered. She redefines the whole image by creating a magical encounter and by offering her solid logical communication on whatever questions I had.”

~ Sally

“You’re the one who stopped my colt from being terrified of having his feet handled. He went from trembling, eyes wide, and so fearful to be touched on his feet, to the same exact day I had a session with you, and him, I was able to pick up all 4 feet, and even though he was nervous, I talked him through it, out loud, and he let out a big sigh, a relief that I understood what had happened to him, to make him so fearful.

It’s been 2 years, and he picks up all his feet, at liberty, and pays such close attention to me, he will shift his weight on his own, to anticipate me bending over, and will lift his feet up, without me even having to touch his legs.

I recommend you to every single person I know, or hear about, that wants to connect with an animal communicator. I am forever grateful to you, and your accuracies!”

~ Emi

“When my daughter Talia, was killed in a plane crash I did not know how I was going to survive without her, here, with me. I looked for and hired every single medium I came across in order to hear from Talia. The famous mediums from TV, street corner mediums at fairs, I tried them all plus more. I did get some legitimate communication from Talia, but nothing life changing. When Laura started talking to Talia I was done with everyone else. Laura’s conversations with Talia are so detailed, so vivid and so TALIA, that I am done looking for anyone else to speak to Talia for me. Laura is it! When Laura speaks to your loved ones passed it is like having a three way conversation over coffee. It is that real, that good! Laura saved me.”

~ Kimberly Klein

author of Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain and The Universe Speaks.

“Laura is very spot on and convey the message very clearly. I was very surprised with all the info that my deceased pet told her because I didn’t tell Laura about them at all. This proves she’s really am experienced pet communicator.

I really highly recommended Laura to anyone across the world. I am from Australia and I would use her again in the future.”

~ Cathy

“We so appreciate all you do in help pets and their caretakers. It makes such a difference having you to help us connect with our kitties and make these difficult times more bearable and understandable…”

~ Nirav

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