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Animal Zone TV Show

Animal Zone is weekly TV show hosted by Arthur von Wiesenberger. Laura is a frequent guest talking with the animals!

Words of Wisdom by Laura's Animals Playlist


Veterinarians speak about their experiences with Laura. A woman shares how her dog’s unexplained medical issue caused him to stop alerting to her seizures. A dog tells Laura about his person’s secret purchase of a wedding ring. A cat that is peeing in inappropriate places explains why.

Laura talks about Death, Dying and the Afterlife

Part One: Laura talks about her animals and their incredible stories around death.


Part Two: Starting at 27.55:


Laura Answers these questions: What to tell your animal before they pass? How will you know they are ready to go? What do you look for after your animal passes? How do animals come around us after they die? Why is it hard for spirits to appear in dreams? Why should you trust and acknowledge signs of our deceased loved ones? Who meets our animals on the other side? Can our animals be with us in Heaven? Who are with them in Heaven? If our animals were scared of people and dogs, will they be ok on the other side / Heaven? Do animals learn on the other side? And much more.

Pet Psychic Interview With Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog & Rodney Mullen Pro Skater

Laura interviews Tillman “The Skateboarding Bulldog” with Rodney Mullen Pro Skater and Ron Davis Tillman’s human.


Tillman and Rodney find that they have similar experiences in the skating world, and we discover that both skaters are full of heart.


Watch Tillman steal Rodney’s board!

Video of Laura Talking to Animal Actors

Here is a video of Laura speaking with animals at Amazing Animals, a training facility for animal actors. Featured are a mountain lion and some wolves.


Watch a mountain lion jump off Laura’s back!

Laura on MTV’s “The Girl Code”

Watch Jessimae’s dog give her relationship advice.

A Little About Animal Acres

Laura talks to a few rescued farm animals.

She gets bit by a goose! This leaves her with a nasty bruise, and you laughing hysterically!


Watch to see if the goose and Laura make friends!

YouTuber Cory Williams of TheMeanKitty Channel Hires Laura To Talk To His Cats Sparta & Loki

Talking To Whales And Dolphins

Join Animal Communicator/Pet Psychic Laura Stinchfield and video producer Ai Kusuhara on a dolphin/whale watching adventure. Dolphins and whales tell their story. Filmed in 2010.

Laura Talks to Police Horses

Time Warner Cable Segment

Laura talks to a cat (Ike) that is going into surgery to remove cancerous tumors, and black lab (Zuma), who talks about thinks her pet sitter could do differently. Iris, the goat, is also featured.

Laura and several of her clients talk about animal communication and whether they think it is a fad or if it will be a growing field.

Interview – Ojai Valley News in Depth

Laura talks about skeptics, animals’ views on death, and how she learned she can talk to animals.

Ernie Salomon Live
(Part 1)

Laura asnwers questions on being a Pet Psychic on Santa Barbara, CA’s Ernie Salomon Show!

  • What is a pet psychic?
  • Why do people call me?
  • How does a consultation work?
  • How do people know if it works?
  • How long is a session?
  • Can you talk to animals that are at a distance?
  • Can you talk to animals that are deceased?
  • How many animals can you takl to in a session?
  • What do animals tell you?

Ernie Salomon Live
(Part 2)

Part 2 of Laura Stinchfield-Pet Psychic answering questions on being a pet psychic on Santa Barbara, CA’s Ernie Salomon Show!

Laura takes a caller who has a 1.5 year old female Golden Retriever who pulls so hard on the leash that she sends her human to the chiropractor. Laura explains what the owner should say to her dog.

Laura answers:

  • If ther is any animal that you cannot work with?
  • Can any one talk to animals?
  • What do people ask you to ask their animal?
  • Do you talk to animals that are passed?
  • Do you talk to lost animals?

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