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Animals, Dying, Death & The AfterLife * Vlog #6

Stories of my animals and their passing.

All you should know about

animal death and dying and the afterlife.


Part One:  Laura tells us about her animals and their amazing stories around death.  (I am not sure what you will all think of these stories.  Would love some feedback.)

At 27.55 Part Two Starts (Feel free to skip to this part.)

What to tell you animal before they pass.
How you will know they are ready to go.  
What to look for after your animal passes.  
How are animals come around us after they die.  
Why dreams are hard for them to appear in.
Why you should trust and acknowledge signs of our deceased animals.  
Who meets our animals on the other side.  
Can our animals be with us in heaven.  
Are with them in heaven?
If our animals were scared of people and dogs will they be ok on the other side / heaven?
Do animals learn on the other side and much more…


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Please Support Chimp Haven

Copied from

Chimp Haven’s

January 25th Newsletter:

It’s been an extraordinary week for Chimp Haven. The National Institutes of Health’s Working Group recommended that all but 50 federally-owned biomedical research chimpanzees be moved to the The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary System.  This means there is potential for Chimp Haven to take in hundreds more chimpanzees. If you missed it, CBS Evening News

and The Rachel Maddow Show showcased this great news this week.

New arrival, Candy.


We also welcomed  the first 16 of 111 chimpanzees from the New Iberia Research Center. Julius, Phyllis, Sandy, Jessica, Debbie, Linda, Kathy, Margaret, Daisy, Megan, Candy, Jimmy, Becky, Mackensie, Dea and Quilla are in a quarantined location in the sanctuary, but will soon be introduced to other members of the colony. The new arrivals are adjusting well to the sanctuary environment and showing good signs of curiosity and excitement. Click here to view pictures of our new arrivals.

As we gain momentum in this journey, we thank you for your generosity and dedication to Chimp Haven’s mission of providing permanent sanctuary for retired federally-owned, former pet and entertainment chimpanzees. You are the reason we are able to continue providing wonderful care for each chimpanzee. However, we still have a long way to go to reach our $5 million fundraising goal in bringing all 111 chimpanzees to Chimp Haven and your continued support is appreciated. We invite you to donate to the Road to Chimp Haven Campaign by clicking here, but we also invite you to become a Chimp Haven advocate by passing along this ChimpanzeeGram to family, friends and coworkers.

For updates on Chimp Haven’s new arrivals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Pet Psychic Radio 01-31-13


Animals Suffer Illness and Trauma 

Their Positive Spin On Life

Brings Awareness To People

A dachshund talks about his skin condition. An English Setter tries to figure out what made him go into anaphylactic shock. Barney the German Shepherds has a heartfelt communication with his person and explains why his bite the neighbor.  T Touch is mentioned to help Barney heal his body problems.  We can an amazing update from Happy and his person.  Storm King shares his words of wisdom.  He says, “The future is bright and amazing.  The future is new.”

Our Rescue Guest is Dee Baldus of
Paws For Troops Website pawsfortroops.com
Facebook Page facebook.com/pages/Paws-For-Troops/106329257708

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:

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Lola Needs A Home

Lola Needs A Home Hear Her Amazing Story On Pet Psychic Radio 01-31-13


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Animal Wisdom

Getting Things Done

They Advise According to Their Own Lights

Monday, January 28, 2013

I asked Makia, my white cat, “What I should write about today?”



She replied, “I have seen you get distracted from your projects and I think that we (our animal family) have advice for you and other people on how to stay on track.”

She went on to say, “I think that whenever you work on a project that is dear to you, you should turn off your phone and your email.  You should let creativity come with out interference.”



Serafina, my gray cat, says, “I think that you should work on your projects at the same time each day.  That way, if there are any spirits or angels that help you, they know how to plan their schedule.  Also, if you do this, your mind and body will be conditioned to start creating at that time.  All animals are creatures of habit.”




Bean, my black bunny, says, “I think it is important to eat your greens before you start your project so that your body and mind have natural energy.  I do this before I make a new door in my cardboard house.”




Luca, cream-colored medium poodle, says, “I think that for moments before you start your project you should sit, meditate, and organize your thoughts so that when you start the projects all the other stuff is out of your head.”




Stormy, my black-bicolored Aussie, says, “I believe it is important to love your project, otherwise it will never get done.  Love it with all that you have inside of you and then your project will turn out better than you expected.”




Seamore, my blue and gold macaw, says, “My advice is to be brave and be confident that you can do a project.  It is also to allow the sun to warm you during the day, so that you feel safe in your space.  Space is very important.  Find a safe space to do your project.”

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Vegan Surprises

Farewell to Eggs

Clearer, Quicker, More Awake

Friday, January 11, 2013

It has been seven weeks since I have moved from vegetarian to vegan and gluten/ sugar free. It has been surprisingly easy. I thought I would miss eggs and a little bit of goat cheese but I have had no cravings for such things. I also thought that if I started to truly clean my system that my psychic abilities would overwhelm me.

I had this idea because a clean system in the past meant that visions arose with no control and the painful experiences of others would lock themselves in my body, making me cranky and exhausted. Sleep was never mine. It was not only the dysfunctional stories of people in my life that were bothering me, it was also the realization of my faults.

I have done a lot of work on myself in the last 10 years. I have dissected my thinking, my emotional responses, my ideas of the past and the traumatic events in my life, and I have learned to live and work with my shortcomings. I have learned to create boundaries in my life and in my psychic world. I no longer need to numb myself with bread and sugar in order to take a break from my sensitivities.

I found it hard to purchase non-leather boots. I was worried that they would not hold up. I’ll keep you posted.

I canceled my Arrowhead water account because one day they made a mistake and delivered Nestle water instead; when I Googled Nestle I found out that they own Arrowhead and that they do unnecessary animal testing on dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, gerbils, and other animals. I am sparing you what Nestle does to these animals because many of your hearts will burn with pain and disgust at the shocking truth of how our animals are tortured for tea. I believe cleaning my system and becoming a vegan put me in a flow of spiritual awareness that allowed a divine power to switch my water delivery. Something greater than me wants me to know the truth.

Since I have become a vegan, and gluten/sugar free, I cry more for animals’ and people’s suffering but it does not debilitate me. I tear up and then I let it go. My taste for food is changing. I crave foods for how I healthy and energetic I feel after a meal. My energy level has increased. I find myself being more productive. I think faster. I have a better memory. I am clearer and quicker when talking to the animals. My intuition is more evident. When I meditate, my visions are clearer, as if I have washed the window of my view. I am all-around happier. I feel awake.

What I find the most remarkable is that my aspirations for my future are becoming more attainable. I have more of a drive to set goals and work towards them when before I was too tired to add something else to my day.

Since I turned 40 last month, I have been looking over the decades of my life and realizing how much I have changed. I find today I am happier with who I am and where I am in life. I am moving towards my future self with excitement and clear vision rather than desperations of wanting to change who I am now. I am excited for this journey of change. I am excited for my future self.

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Blue and Gold Macaw Communication

A Bird’s Life

The Captive

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ten and a half years ago, I found a blue and gold Macaw parrot in the dark basement of an empty house on a 100-acre estate. I was care-taking the property and was asked to go up to the main house to see if there were any rodents. I was shocked to find a parrot in the basement.

Her cage was filthy. She had less than a tablespoon of water, which was dirty and covered in dead flies. She had no food but had been eating maggots. Her pupils were the size of pinpoints and she kept slamming her head against the cage and biting at it. In-between her ear-piercing screams she would yell vulgar swear words. I had to hose off the cage with her in it because she was too aggressive to open the cage. It took me weeks before I could handle her. With the help of an experienced birdman, I rehabilitated her.

Her name (since birth) is Seamore. Seamore became a member of my animal family. She had periods of post-traumatic stress, which resulted in her biting me. She was very strong and fast. I have scars from her. My friends and family were scared of her. She would run at them, eyes pinning, flapping her wings, trying to sink her beak into their pant-legs or their flesh.

She loves music and dances on command. She would sit on my arm and go for hikes with me. I had pigs then, and she would spend hours climbing the wire of their enclosure. She knew, even before my wolfdog Maia did, when someone was driving up the two-mile driveway. I had two dogs, two cats, two pigs, a bunny, and Seamore back then. Our ranch had a reputation. Watch out the parrot and the wolfdog. I was safe.

When I had to leave the ranch, I decided that it was best to find Seamore a home where she would get one-to-one attention with an experienced bird person. I found James. He is a kind and knowledgeable bird-lover. I felt good about re-homing her with him. In the last nine years, James has become a bird rescuer, accumulating 100-plus parrots. Although she no longer lived alone with James, I was happy Seamore had the chance to live in a big aviary and socialize with a lot of birds.

When Seamore left, I had James sign a contact stating he must contact me if he moved and if Seamore ever needed a new home. James honored this contact and notified me several times, whenever he moved. A few weeks ago, he asked me to take Seamore back. James had lost his sanctuary for the birds and needed to find some of them homes.

Seamore has been back in my house for three days now. I have changed a lot in nine years. I got married and divorced. I phased out my animal-training business and made the pet psychic work my full time job. I have matured. I have become more conscious of the way my mind works, and of the issues in the world. I can “read” animals on a deeper level and I understand their processes more. I am calmer. I am all-around happier.

I purchased a new cage for Seamore that feels like it takes up half my living room. She is healthy, but in the last few years she has pulled out some of her feathers. She must have had some stress living with the other birds. She is calmer and less aggressive than when I first lived with her, though I also read her better now and know when to push her and when to leave her alone.

I see that post-traumatic stress still is evident in her life. I have noticed that the more people there are in the room, the more anxious she gets.

I broke down and cried the other day, watching her in her cage. Why do we feel we should take birds out of their tropical environment and put them in cages in our living rooms? It is so unnatural to them. It is cruel. When I took her outside, she said, “Oh, the wind! It is too cold.” So I brought her back inside. She should be in the Amazon! Please do not purchase parrots and support this industry.

I have learned by watching Seamore that parrots’ hearing is acute. In the darkness, the car lights passing by scare her. She is grateful for fruits and vegetables. Yesterday she was alternately screaming and saying “hello.” If I answered her with “hello” back, Luca, my poodle, would run to the front door barking, thinking someone was at the door.

Seamore is about 22 years old. She can live into her 80s. She has asked me many times, “Where is Maia (wolfdog)? Where is Joey (cat)? Where is Boomer (bunny)? Where are the pigs?” I try to explain to her that her old friends have died and are now in heaven. But she has not understood the concept yet. She continues to look for them.

I am happy to have her back, more so than I thought I would be. I am surprisingly grateful that I can hear her and talk to her better than before. Having her with me is educating me on the plight of parrots in our culture.

Here I ask her Seamore and my other animals about us all being together.



Seamore says, “I feel safe here. I feel happy to be inside. I feel happy to know you again. I feel scared of noises I don’t understand (garbage disposal, garbage truck, microwave, coffee maker…). I am confused as to why I left for so many years. I am tired and I sleep better here. I miss the other birds but not enough to go back. I enjoy the fruits and the cereal here. I enjoy the inside. I sleep well. I love you.”




Stormy, my Aussie, who knew Seamore before, says, “I am glad Seamore is back, because I can tell she needs us to be her best self. I hate it when she screams and I wish she would learn to be quiet. I wonder if she knows that our family has been through a lot since she was gone. We had animals die of cancer and we were sad. It is strange that we have aged and she has not aged that much. I want her to know that you will love her and take care of her. That she can get healthy now.”




Makia, my cat that knew Seamore before, says, “When I see Seamore I remember a time where we had a lot of land to explore. I was younger and had to watch out for coyotes. It was a time where you loved us but you didn’t talk to us as much as you do now. I am glad you talk to us more now. It is helpful.”




Serafina, my cat I found at the same ranch where I found Seamore, but years apart, says, “At first I was really scared of her but now I realize that she just deals with fear differently than I do. I hide and she screams. She will be brave one day. I can feel it.”




Luca, my poodle, says, “I think that Seamore is very unusual. I have never seen a bird like her and never knew a bird could live in a house. I wonder if she would like to fly away with the ravens outside? She looks a little like a raven. When she talks like a person I wonder if she knows what she is saying.”




Bean, my bunny, says, “I thought she was a hawk and I was in danger at first. Now I realize that she stays in the front room. I have not been in there much because she scares me. She is always making noise and it is hard to get used to the house not being quiet all the time. Can we try to make her quieter?”


Seamore and Luca Making Friends

Seamore and Luca Making Friends

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Pet Psychic Radio Show 1-17-13 and 1-24-13


Dolphin Rescue, Reincarnation,

Service Dog and more…

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:


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Malachi Saves His Persons Life Daily!
Listen To The Show To Learn How



Rescued Dogs &

Operation Blankets Of Love

 Rescue Guest Operation Blankets of Love OperationBlanketsOfLove.org,
Laura’s parrot returns after 10 years.  A pit bull gets to say whether or not she likes her perspective home.  How to visualize what is best for the animals. We ask, “Whose peeing on the bed?” and more….

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:

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The Lovely Seamore

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Pet Psychic Radio 01-10-13

Advice On How To Talk To Animals When Their People Are Sick


Animals Talk About Dealing With Illness

we also touch on separation anxiety, behavioral problems and take other interesting callers.

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:

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Tom Tom shares his Words of Wisdom

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Tiffany’s Journy To The Afterlife

Animals and the Afterlife


Tiffany died on 12/25/12


Tiffany was 12 years old when she passed away.  Her people asked me to contact her in heaven and ask her if she knew that they were there when she was dying.

Tiffany responded,

“Of course I knew they were there. They held me and walked me to my grandmas and grandpas (parents of her people).  Grandma and Grandpa said,  ‘oh here she comes. Look out girl, as you come you will get more full of energy’ and then when I got to them I ran around in circles like I used to do when I was young and I ran around and ran around and then came huffing and tired and I looked down at my family and I saw all the years and all the wonderful moments and I said to myself, ‘I had the most perfect life’ and then I slept and slept and slept and when I woke up I barely remember what pain feels like.”

Animals can have very different experiences of the dying process and entering the afterlife. It is common for our animals to see our friends and ancestors and to do things that they did when they were young. It is also common for our animals to rest on the other side when they first get there.  Tiffany explains her process so beautifully.

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Pet Psychic Radio 01-03-13

Beach Bathes


Leaving Home To Be A Service Dog

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio:  Breathe through the beginning. We get it all worked out.  We find out why Greece the Shepherd/Dane mix loves the ocean but hates the bath.  Styles the pitbull tells us about having a hard time moving his legs.  We learn how Mette, the Golden Retriever, feels about leaving her family to become a service dog.  Two cats surprise us with their reasons about meowing at night.  Cat Sammy Jo tells us how he is feeling.  Laura’s cat Makia shares her Words Of Wisdom, “Everyone should see the sunrise.”

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:


Laura’s Cat Makia

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Sequoia Rainey

Rescued Horse



Sequoia is a 23 year old rescued horse. She says to her person,

Tell my mom I love her and I think that she sure is a sweet human being. Tell her her heart is equal to my heart in many ways and for that I am thankful.

Mom, I would LOVE to fly to the sky with you. That would be great.”

She is so grateful she has been rescued and is in a safe and loving home.

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Pet Psychic Radio 12-27-12

Previously Chained Dogs Run Without Being Held Back &

Boston Terrier Makes Us Laugh

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio: Christmas Eve with Farm Animals. Madeline the corgi mix from tells her person from heaven that is ok to get another dog and why.  Laura talks about how she receives our pet thoughts in words.  Robin Budin of Dogs Deserve Better DogsDeserveBetter.org and RainbowRescues.org joins us with rescued chained dog Reeba the golden retriever and friends.  We find out why Junior the terrier mix is grumpy at night.  Marshmallow the Arabian mare says her heart feels at rest at her new forever home.  We laugh as Blue the Boston Terrier shares how he loves to practice stay and complains about how he cant get into his toy basket.  Yoyo the cat explains why he meows and circles at night.  We welcome Seamore, Laura’s parrot, for Words of Wisdom.

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:


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Reeba is available for adoption.
Learn more about her at:

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Pet Psychic Radio 12-20-12

Sacred Cows, The End Of The World

& Reincarnation

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio: Animals talk about the end of the world.  Laura explains how to ask your animals a question. We talk about why it is important for ALL pet owners to read their animals’ body language. We are joined by Denise DeGarmo of Sacred Cow Compost.  We hear her fascinating story and talk with her cow Blue.  Towards the end of the program reincarnation is a big discussion when a caller wants to know if her two dogs will be reincarnated into the same litter.  Then words of wisdom from Stormy and friends.

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:

Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio

Blue is featured on the show.
She is a 4 year old Holstein Cow

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From Wayne Pacelle’s Blog ~ A Humane Nation * Wolves

From Wayne Pacelle’s Blog:

ABOUT WAYNE:  Few are in a position to speak for the animals like Wayne Pacelle. As President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, he leads 11 million members and constituents in the mission of celebrating animals and confronting cruelty.

The HSUS is organization I support and trust. You should too.

This posting is copied from his Blog. Posted On December 13, 2012.

Wolves Under the Gun

It’s been the worst year for wolves in North America in more than half a century. Wolf killing, including by aerial gunning, has continued, as in years past, in Canada and Alaska. But on top of that, there’s been a huge expansion of wolf killing in the lower 48 states. Michigan’s legislature passed a bill yesterday to make the wolf a “game” species and allow the Natural Resources Commission to set a sport hunting season. Five other states have continued or launched hunting and trapping seasons. Earlier in the week, news reports from Wyoming confirmed that hunters had killed 10 wolves that had been collared and studied in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, as the animals have strayed outside the boundaries of the parks. The victims included Yellowstone National Park’s most famous wolf, 832F, the alpha female of the beloved Lamar Canyon pack.

270x240 wolf in snow istock
© iStockphoto via Wayne’s Blog

This past summer, Stephanie Boyles Griffin, the senior director of The HSUS’s Wildlife Response, Innovations and Services section, had the privilege of seeing 832F and her pack while visiting the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone:

“At dusk, I approached Rick McIntyre, Yellowstone’s biological technician who hasn’t missed a day of wolf watching in 8 ½ years! That’s what I call dedication! Anyway, I asked him if I could shadow him that evening and he obliged. We were parked along with a large group of fellow wolf-watchers just west of Soda Butte, and at some point, I heard Rick softly say ‘Stephanie.’ I spun around and saw her — 832F and her pack trotting down from the bluffs and across the road into Lamar Valley to hunt for the night. Once the adults disappeared into the sage brush, we all set up our spotting scopes so we could watch the adolescent wolves babysitting and playing with the pups of the year up in the hills above the road. I think we all smiled so long and hard that it made our faces hurt.

“I’ll remember that night for the rest of my life. When I think of the people who travel to Yellowstone from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of a wolf like 832F and her pack, it makes me sick to think that it ended when one single person put her in their crosshairs and pulled the trigger. It’s just wrong. This wolf, arguably the most famous in the world and clearly the most famous in Yellowstone, was worth more — both to her species and to our species — alive than dead. We’re better than this.”

Killing 832F was legal under Wyoming’s ruthless “management plan.” In fact, that plan allows wolves across 80 percent of the state to be shot on sight, even though only a few hundred survive in all of Wyoming. Last week, The HSUS and The Fund for Animals filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore protections for wolves in Wyoming, in light of the reckless execution of these creatures, and the management plan.

Hunters and trappers have also killed hundreds of wolves in Minnesota and Wisconsin this fall, and we’ve filed notice of intent to sue there, too. Now Michigan is poised to join them in opening trophy hunting of wolves, even though there are fewer than 700 wolves in the state. We’ll have something to say about that in the days ahead.

Wolves are a vital part of healthy, functioning ecosystems in these states, which are native habitats for these animals. People don’t eat wolves and it is already legal, as a selective control strategy, to kill wolves in order to protect livestock and pets. The sport killing and trapping programs aren’t driven by need or management, but by a selfish desire to obtain a trophy pelt or head. It’s a shame and an embarrassment for our nation.

To Read More Of Wayne Pacelle’s Blog click here

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Foxie Loxie

Foxie Loxie
2 yr old female Ausse


Foxie Loxie says,

“You know when you said dogs teach people to see beauty in the world I feel like my family did that to me.”


“I have been thinking that when I first got to my home. I was really concerned about shadows and dark places and it was a little scary but then I started to concentrate on the light and the warmth and I started to see my home differently and maybe it is the same with the woman. Maybe I need to look in her for the light instead of the dark.”

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11 months old


Angel says,

“I want to ask my mom if I can learn to climb on things. I want to be athletic and learn to climb on things. Can I go down a slide?”

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Season’s Greetings From The Animals


Season’s Greetings

Kindness Gets Top Honors

Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Stormy & Katherine Dancing
Night Of Decorating The X-mas Tree.



Stormy, 13-year-old Aussie, says,

“Reach out to people who you think are lonely. Dance with your friends.”









Luca Admiring Jim’s Hat



Luca, two-year-old poodle, says,

“Share your food with your pets. (Only the healthy food!) Make a list of all the things you love about your family.”









Serafina, year-old cat, says,

“Get a tree and let your cats play in it. Write cards because someone may only get yours and that will make them happy.”







Makia, 16-year-old cat, says,

“I have to say that people who work should not work on the holiday. It should be a special day.

Be thankful for your lives. Avoid arguments by staying away from subjects you know will upset someone else. Say something nice to everyone you meet.”





Beanie The Bunny


Bean the Bunny says,

“Of course eat good food and extra snacks. I think that they should drive safe and if they take something that makes them swervey they should stay home.

“Send love to people and animals you think have a problem. Send money to organizations that take care of animals and people. This is important.”







This coming January, Seamore, my blue-and-gold parrot, will be coming back to the family after nine years. She says,

“I want to say that it is nice to be remembered after so many years.

“If you have a bird (pet) and your go away make sure they have the very best care. If they don’t, something bad could happen to them. So take time to think about your plans. Before you leave on a trip, picture how many days and nights you will be away and what your animals’ situation will be like so that they know what to expect. Send them love when you are far away.

“Send healthy thoughts to everyone you love and don’t love.”



My childhood stuffed animals have been in a box for over 20 years. Finally realized what to do with them! x-mas presents for Luca & Stormy!  Luca above.


Pictures Below are of Christmas Eve

at Ventura Center for Spiritual Living.

Animals Actors Are Recuses That Live At

Tina Baselice’s (of Aloha Dog Grooming) Ranch.

Maui the pony, Me & Otis the goat.
Animals rescued by
Tina of Aloha Dog Grooming.


Animal Actress Garden Buddy Hen in Christmas Costume.
Trust Me. She Loved It.

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Pet Psychic Radio * Laura Takes Lots Of Callers

New Episodes Of Pet Psychic Radio – Laura Takes Lots Of Callers:

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:


Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio
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Vlog # 5 Vegetarian To Vegan * Vegan Pet Psychic

Vegetarian To Vegan

Reason #1 Animal Testing

I learn about animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry.  Watch what my animals have to say.


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Learn It Live * Learn About Animal Communication On Line


December 29th at 9am pst for 1 hr

I am teaching a class online.

cost $15

50% discount code: YPTEZEFT


In this class I will talk about Animal Communication.

* I will share how I became a professional pet psychic and learned I could ask or tell an animal anything.

* I will give you tips on how to talk to your animals and how to begin to hear them when they talk to you.

* I will explain about the importance of being able to read animal body language.

*I will also answer your questions.

Click Here for more information and to sign up.


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