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Laura On MTV The Girl Code

I, Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic, was on MTV's The Girl Code with Comedian Jessimae Pelusa and her dog Fozzie. Click to watch:

I, Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic, was on MTV’s The Girl Code with Comedian Jessimae Pelusa and her dog Fozzie.

Click to watch:

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Animal Communicator Talking To Whales And Dolphins

Join Animal Communicator / Pet Psychic Laura Stinchfield and video producer Ai Kusuhara on a dolphin  / whale watching adventure.  Dolphins and whales tell their story.  Filmed in 2010.


From an Email From Whale And Dolphin Watch  dated March 8, 2013

Dearest Friends:

Today in San Diego,  the California Coastal Commission said “NO” to the Navy and their plan to deploy bombs and sonar sound off the Coastline that would likely injure, maim or kill millions of cetaceans over the next 5 years. They said that the Navy’s position is inadequate and unsupported by facts. They also said that the Navy did not keep its agreements in the past and that there was no point in making a compromise with them. In attendance were Lyndia, Lance and Kim of Whale and Dolphin Watch, several representatives from NRDC, Greenpeace, many other ocean organizations and dozens of individuals from near and far.


Although the decision only affects California waters, it is still significant as it sets a major precedent for the whole country.  This will have far reaching implications for what can be done next, and ultimately the safety of our cetacean friends, the health of our oceans and our planet. In this case, your participation may have shifted the tide that has so long moved in the direction of disrespect and outright disregard for our oceans. We hear from a major environmental organization that your signatures have energized this movement in a big way!!!

We are not done with this issue yet. This week end is our last chance for signatures on our petition to go to NOAA/National Marine Fisheries on Monday. Will you help us out?

Here’s what we want you to do next:

1.     1. Call and network with your friends and get them to sign this last petition

2.     2.  Post on your Facebook page

3.      3. Go to our Facebook page and like us (link on our website)

4.      4. Sign up for ongoing information on our website to keep abreast of this issue

Here is the link:

From the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to say a big ‘Thank You” for your signature on our petitions and your ongoing support. You are awesome people and we are deeply humbled by your support of our oceans.

Lyndia, Lance, Kim and Wes


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Best Dressed Atlantan Brings His Standard Poodle To Laura

Video of my session with standard poodle Simone in Atlanta and her dad E Vincent Martinez. 

In June of 2009, E. Vincent Martinez launched The fashion inspired website has grown to include celebrity interviews, movie reviews, travel and entertainment. Fashionado also follows Martinez through all of his adventures and fabulous fashion parties. In 2010, fashionado was named Best Fashion Blog by the Atlanta Fashion Awards and it also made the list of the Top 100 Fashion Bloggers Worldwide by Sparkah, a marketing firm in NYC.

Most recently (summer 2011) E. Vincent Martinez was named one of the best dressed Atlantans by the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Access Atlanta.

I had a pet psychic session with Vincent Martinez and his standard poodle Simone.  Vincent recently blogged about this session on

Click Here To See His Blog Post

Vincent wrote in his blog post:

“Lick, yawn and blink,” instructed pet psychic Laura Stinchfield to my black standard poodle, Simone. Also known as an animal communicator, we spent nearly thirty minutes with Laura.

Earlier in the day, Laura Stinchfield did the Atlanta media circuit with appearances on radio and morning tv shows. She encountered a skeptic or two along the way, though probably just for ratings sake.

So, I went into this meeting with an open mind. I was actually excited and eager to learn what my dog might be thinking or feeling!

Laura said that Simone’s intelligence is strong and it forces her to over-think everything which causes her to be overly cautious and fearful of her surroundings. [Made perfect sense to me.] That’s where the instructions/homework to “lick, yawn and blink” came to play. Those actions are “calming signals” as explained in the video. Laura asked Simone to enjoy just being a dog.

Of course, I was curious about the communication process. You’ll notice in the video that Laura gets close to Simone’s face and whispers things that only she can hear. They were completely focused on one another. At times Laura would speak out loud for both of us to hear. I was amazed with Simone’s captivated behavior. Never has this happened with a stranger.

Laura explained how she and animals communicate. She discovered at an early age that she could talk with her pets through the ability to see images that are in their head [that tell a story]. Additionally, Laura can hear their thoughts… but she added that pets will not betray an owners trust by revealing private moments or situations. A comforting thought!

At the end of the session, Simone gave Laura a lick on the face. I was shocked. She rarely licks. That was all the evidence I needed to know that something had happened. That a connection had been made.

Are you wondering if Simone’s behavior changed after the session with Laura? The answer is yes. Yes because I left with a better understanding of how to relate to my pet. I wouldn’t mind a follow up session. Laura may be returning to Atlanta early in the new year so I may get that chance. And you!

Simone and I

Simone and I


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VLOG #2 ~ Meet Laura’s Animals


I introduce my five animals.

Two dogs: Stormy and Luca

Two cats: Serafina and Makia

and bunny Bean.

Hear them talk about the beach, what they smell, their lives before Laura, their relationships and hear their advice to you.

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CBS Altanta

I talk to the weather man of CBS Atlanta Justin Lock and his dog Maia

on Better Mornings Atlanta.


What we did not get on film is when I asked Maia if she knows what her dad does for a living she responded,

“He helps people decide what to wear” 🙂 !

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What Police Horses Have To Say…

Watch me talk to some police horses!


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Animal Communicator and The Mean Kitty

I had the pleasure to work with YouTuber Cory Williams and his cats Sparta and Loki.

What I loved most about my session with Cory and his cats is that I found that the cats know that Cory makes people laugh.  

They understand how important laughter is to the world and they shared that the world would be boring with out Cory and his work.

Now… Here is the video Cory made of our session…. Enjoy!




Please check out Cory, Sparta, & Loki’s other videos on TheMeanKitty YouTube Channel.  Click Here 

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Welcome Cory & Kate Fans!

To All Fans of 





Thanks for Stopping By!


A lot of you have been writing me, subscribing to my YouTube Channel  “petpsychic” Click Here and listening to my radio shows on blog talk Click Here

What would you like to see on this website? 

Any questions you want answered, blogged about, or vlog about?

Please respond in the comment section.  Thanks!

To all of you that do not know Cory Williams & Kate  they are popular Youtubers that have recently Featured me in their videos.

Cory’s video I am featured at 6:26 into the video:



Kate’s Video I am featured at 9:33



Cory Williams Is Famous For His TheMeanKitty YouTube Channel. Which I think is hysterical.  He does a lot of good for animals 🙂  His cats Sparta & Loki are the highlights of the show.  G rated.


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Just For Fun

I talk about an experience I had when I was 12 years old with fish and a higher power.  I also give listeners a tip on how to talk to animals.[youtube nolink]



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Ojai Valley News In Depth Interview

Ojai Valley News In depth interviews me. I talk about skeptics, animals view on death and how I learned I can talk to animals.

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