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It was wonderful to be a guest on Stephan Spencer's
Get Yourself Optimized.

I loved speaking with Stephan. We covered a lot of topics I feel you will enjoy!



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In this Episode
[00:09]Stephan introduces his next guest Laura Stinchfield, an internationally renowned pet psychic and people medium.

[01:37]Stephan is interested to know about the difference between animal communication and animal psychic connection.

[04:22]Laura shares how to give clear and honest communication while talking to animals and gives examples on how to send calming signals to a pet when going to a vet.

[09:29]Laura explains her way of giving medication to the pets and the responses of her pets in sending signals back to her.

[13:11]Stephan asks Laura about her opinion of animal trainers with an iron fist and displaying dominance towards the animals.

[16:02]Laura shares her experience of a dog trained to bite and the work she did to help that dog get out of that behavior.

[18:02]Stephan shares about his experience of opening his Akashic records and asks for guidance leading him in saving the life of a stray cat and knowing the cat’s name, which was Curious.

[24:20]Stephan and Laura discuss the power of prayers and purity of thoughts.

[27:56]Stephan shares about the concept of remote viewing and his experience in receiving validation and guidance.

[33:43]Laura asks about Curious, the cat, and Stephan shows her pictures.

[39:17]Stephan and Laura discuss divine timings and communication methods by going internally and deeply into the heart.

[44:11]Visit Laura Stinchfield’s website to know more about her and work with her to connect with my pet and check out Laura’s meditation CDs to help learn to communicate with animals.


Here are some quotes from our talk:



  • Every animal communicator or pet psychic is different.

  • The vet wants to help the animal, and that’s important for the animal to understand.

  • Let your animals know when they’re getting medication.

  • I have mixed emotions about animal trainers. Often, they miss the praise, or they’re not praising enough.

  • You have to train yourself to know yourself.

  • Dogs are dogs. They have their own language and their own way of doing things.

  • If my dogs do something naughty, I will tell them, “No, that’s not okay.”

  • There are some dogs that all you have to do is tell them.

  • Communicate with animals by going into your heart, where you can just feel it. You don’t have to necessarily see it.

  • The animals are always picking up what we’re thinking and feeling, but it goes the other way too. We often pick up what they’re saying to us, and sometimes we believe it’s our own intuition.

  • If you think when talking to your animal, that knowledge is power. If you can explain as much as you can to your animal, it’s extremely helpful for them, especially when going to the vet.

  • Some people will hide what they’re doing with their animal, but that’s not ok because the animal knows that something is up.

  • Every single prayer is heard, including every thought.

  • If you don’t have enough boundaries in your life and low self-worth, that could bring in something a little bit devious to steer you the wrong way. People get strayed because of how they feel about themselves.

  • Your thoughts create your reality.

  • That is special because not all cats are good with little toddlers.

  • Remote viewing is about projecting yourself somewhere and seeing the physical surroundings

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