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Season’s Greetings From The Animals


Season’s Greetings

Kindness Gets Top Honors

Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Stormy & Katherine Dancing
Night Of Decorating The X-mas Tree.



Stormy, 13-year-old Aussie, says,

“Reach out to people who you think are lonely. Dance with your friends.”









Luca Admiring Jim’s Hat



Luca, two-year-old poodle, says,

“Share your food with your pets. (Only the healthy food!) Make a list of all the things you love about your family.”









Serafina, year-old cat, says,

“Get a tree and let your cats play in it. Write cards because someone may only get yours and that will make them happy.”







Makia, 16-year-old cat, says,

“I have to say that people who work should not work on the holiday. It should be a special day.

Be thankful for your lives. Avoid arguments by staying away from subjects you know will upset someone else. Say something nice to everyone you meet.”





Beanie The Bunny


Bean the Bunny says,

“Of course eat good food and extra snacks. I think that they should drive safe and if they take something that makes them swervey they should stay home.

“Send love to people and animals you think have a problem. Send money to organizations that take care of animals and people. This is important.”







This coming January, Seamore, my blue-and-gold parrot, will be coming back to the family after nine years. She says,

“I want to say that it is nice to be remembered after so many years.

“If you have a bird (pet) and your go away make sure they have the very best care. If they don’t, something bad could happen to them. So take time to think about your plans. Before you leave on a trip, picture how many days and nights you will be away and what your animals’ situation will be like so that they know what to expect. Send them love when you are far away.

“Send healthy thoughts to everyone you love and don’t love.”



My childhood stuffed animals have been in a box for over 20 years. Finally realized what to do with them! x-mas presents for Luca & Stormy!  Luca above.


Pictures Below are of Christmas Eve

at Ventura Center for Spiritual Living.

Animals Actors Are Recuses That Live At

Tina Baselice’s (of Aloha Dog Grooming) Ranch.

Maui the pony, Me & Otis the goat.
Animals rescued by
Tina of Aloha Dog Grooming.


Animal Actress Garden Buddy Hen in Christmas Costume.
Trust Me. She Loved It.

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Vlog #1 – Trip To Tina’s Farm

I have been asked to video log by some followers.  So here is my first attempt.  In this video I take my dogs to visit my friend Tina’s Animal Farm. We talk to turkeys, horses, sheep, goats…

Filmed on an iphone being held the wrong way (sorry) and edited by me.  It is rough, but it is a day in the life of me.


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Time Warner Cable Segment

Time Warner Cable does a segment on me being a pet psychic.

I talk to a cat (Ike) that is going into surgery to remove cancerous tumors and a black lab (Zuma) who talks about something her pet sitter could do differently. Iris the goat is also featured.

Myself and several of my clients are interviewed on animal communication and whether we think it is a fad or if it will be a growing field. (Thank you Jaya, Jon, Jodi and Tina of Aloha Dog Grooming).


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