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Bean and Luca

Can my dog get a long with a rabbit?     Luca my poodle and Bean my bunny hanging out under Bean’s chair before Pet Psychic Radio Show. Luca says, “Bean and I are discussing life.” Bean says, “Its more that he is telling me I should play with him.”

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What do animals do in heaven?     Abby says from heaven, “My mom is here with me and we play often like we are puppies.  We are not always in the same form that you know.  Sometimes we are energy that swirl around each-other.  Sometimes we move as energy fields – with no resemblance

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Pet Psychic Radio * Aggression Tips and Calming Signals

On This Episode of Pet Psychic Radio: We talk to callers about their aggressive animals and explain to the animals how to be comfortable in situations.  We talk to animals that have passed over.  Our rescue guest is Julia Knoblock from the Escondido Humane Society and the rescue rabbit Daisy.  Escondidohumanesociety.org Before you click the arrow

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