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Pet Psychic Radio 01/26/12


Cohost Ai is broadcasting from Japan.  She shares about how her mom has been sick and we talk to her animals about what it is like with Ai being gone.

Then we take a bunch of exciting callers!

Guest: Adrienne Hagen http://catconnectionla.org




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Pet Psychic Radio Guest
Date You Are Scheduled Thursday, January 5, 2012
Your Name * Adrienne Hagen
Your Phone Number * (818) 776-0655
Number You Will Call Into The show With (818) 298-2197
Your Email * catconnection@sbcglobal.net
What Is Your Passion or Your Story
My passion is saving the animals. With the downturn of the economy this has become impossible. I retired from a cancer center 3 years ago, working both back and front office. Since retirement I have devoted all of my time trying to educate the public on spaying and neutering and responsible pet ownership. In addition to rescuing as many as we can.
Adrienne Hagen
Website http://catconnectionla.org

Sherman Oaks, CA
What Do You Want Us To Mention On The Show or Ask You
Please stress the importance of spaying and neutering. This is the only way to get a grip on the numbers of animals being euthanized in the shelters. Remind people that adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment. You can ask me whatever you want.
Name of Animal
Moo Moo
8 yrs
Feline Black and White
Short Hair domestic

Moo Moo Needs Home

History or Story
He came into the shelter injured and from a hoarder bust.
Questions You Would Like To Ask The Animal
What kind of life did you have before you came to us
Are you happy now
What caused your head injury
Are you still in pain
Where did you come from before you ended up with the hoarder
Why were you taken to the shelter
Anything else?

We are located at the Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital Pet Resort and we are open very dayPlease see Cat Conn story on previous application. I hit the return key by mistake it took me out.I will forward picture separately of Moo MooThank you so much…….Adrienne






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Pet Psychic Radio 01/10/12


Ai, my cohost of Pet Psychic Radio, is in Japan so we are joined today on Pet Psychic Radio with Daria Justyn.  On this show we talk about hearing voices in our heads, to a dog that is flying on a plane, a dog that has a hurt jaw, our rescue dog about being adopted and my cat Serafina about angels and her words of wisdom. Our guest today is Dee Baldus with Paws for Troops.  This organization matches troops with post traumatic stress with rescue dogs.

Website:  http://www.pawsfortroops.com
Website #2 :    http://www.starpawsrescue.com
Address     :  Los Angeles, CA 91423

Daria is a medium who also hosts a blog talk radio show. Her website is: http://www.dariajustyn.com




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Date You Are Scheduled    Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Your Name *     Dee Baldus

What Is Your Passion or Your Story
I have started an organization called Paws for Troops. There is the upshot.

Paws for Troops is a group of volunteers that are enabling military veterans and animals to heal from trauma together.

It is our belief that animals are healing and they offer a level of acceptance to us that is unequaled. With that in mind, we also believe that the military training the veterans have received bring a level of trust to animals in distress.

As an organization, we are looking to assist military organizations, such as the VA and others, by facilitating the veterans as volunteers at local animal shelters and rescue groups.

The goal, at all times, is to maintain dignity for both the veterans and the animals. We believe that we can assist in raising the awareness for the needs of both group and this can offer new opportunities for the veterans.

I will be featuring a dog from one of our rescue groups, Star Paws.

Paws for Troops
Website:  http://www.pawsfortroops.com
Website #2 :    http://www.starpawsrescue.com
Address     :  Los Angeles, CA 91423

We are looking to launch in 2012 and need to file the 501(c)3. I am doing some fund raising to complete that. Once that is filed, we are ready to go. We will begin by taking veterans to rescue adoption days, such as Star Paws, and have them be with the animals. Walking them, holding them, showing them to potential adopters. Another option is to work with a mobile groomer, assisting them when the do volunteer grooming shelter adoption days.

Name of Animal    Kuma
Age    3 yo  POMERANIAN/SPANIEL mix we believe

Kuma Needs A Home!

History or Story
He has the devoted personality of the pom & spaniel. He loves to jump up and get treats & play with toys. He like walks. He enjoys car rides and walks good on leash. He enjoys the lap of humans and also hanging in a dog bed at your feet. House trained and up to date on all vaccinations. I also enjoy social engagements with you and other dogs. A 2 week trial is available after adoption is approved.

Questions You Would Like To Ask The Animal    
What kind of home would you like?
Is there anything you need?
Is there anything you want to tell us?

About Star Paws
Victoria Burrows has been in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years. She began her passionate pursuit of rescuing and fostering dogs back in 2000. As a result of observing and volunteering with her friends in rescue, she started Star Paws Rescue, which adheres to the following guidelines in order to help the animals:

1. We will rescue abused, abandoned or injured dogs. We provide TLC and Medical when needed. We find them loving homes that fit their needs so it will last the rest of their lifetime.

2. We offer help in Networking with the rescue community. IF YOU FIND A DOG and want to work with a rescue to find it a home, contact us. We also help People who need help in finding a home for their own pet which they feel they can no longer keep. We provide information, a courtesy website for posting photos and a place to show the animal at our adoptions every weekend.

3. We Spay / Neuter, Microchip, and make sure all animals have their current
DHLPP shots before placing them in their adoptive homes.



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