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The Pet Psychic: Animal Zone S6 E8 Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic ® talks with Monty the French Bulldog

It is a family affair as the host of Animal Zone, Arthur von Wiesenberger, talks with Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic ®, and Monty, a French Bulldog who belongs to Arthur’s son, Chris. Laura taps into Monty’s thoughts about kittens in the house and carrots in his bowl. Laura explains to Monty how the vacuum cleaner isn’t dangerous.


This is Bella. She said from Heaven, “I had to come to heaven cause I have to help a lot of animals that are not finding their way to heaven. Right now I am in school. I am in school to learn how to help animal spirits that are trapped in lower realms to awake …

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This is Meadow. She is a two year old Sheltie. I always know dogs are really smart when they ask me about their training. Meadow says, “I do love agility, But I am getting a little confused when I come out of the tunnel. If it’s under the dog walk, which way do I go …

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This is Elijah. He is a four year old Sheltie. He says, “ I am doing really well. I really want to do jump training (agility training). I want to be good at it. I want it to be my thing. Can we go?” Elijah’s little sister, Meadow, loves agility. He may be a little …

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This is Faith. She is a nine year old Sheltie. She says, “I am totally happy. I love being out for the sunset. That is one of my favorite times to walk. I also love a smooth back massage and pet. It’s when they pet me smooth all the way down my back. I also …

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This is Mala. Her person recently had a bad fall and needed hip surgery. Mala says, “My mom should write a letter to the angels and ask them to hurry up their healing help. I feel as if they got delayed and need a reminder. I know what can also help her. A glass of …

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The Pet Psychic: Animal Zone S7 E11 Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic ®, talks with Moose a rescue pit bull about his fear of the vet.

Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with Shannon and her rescue pit bull Moose. Moose bares some teeth when Laura talks about veterinarians. Laura explains what to tell a reactive dog about their behavior and explains what to tell all animals about a vet visit.