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Animal Communicator & Time Warner Cable

Laura talks to a cat (Ike) that is going into surgery to remove cancerous tumors and a black lab (Zuma) who talks about things her pet sitter could do differently. Iris the goat is also featured.

Laura and several of her clients are interviewed on animal communication and whether they think it is a fad or if it will be a growing field. (Thank you Jaya, Jon, Jodi and Tina of Aloha Dog Grooming).

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Lessons for the New Year


What’s the secret to finding the joy in life?

First published in the Santa Barbara News-Press 12/26/18


My Great Grandma Johnson was born in 1888.  At 99 years old with wavy red hair and lots of jewelry, she felt joy hearing that she looked in her 70s.  She told stories of her family’s covered wagon being held up and robbed by Native Americans in Minnesota, as a child she was ordered to stay up all night shooing flies off a baby’s corpse and later went on to bury her 44-year-old daughter, my father’s mother.  In her 90’s Grandma Johnson traveled often with her sister from Studio City, Ca by bus to Las Vegas to play the slots where she was frequently lucky.  She had no qualms of cheating me (a 5th grader at the time) in game of gin rummy literally with cards up her sleeve.  She bragged she never was sick a day in her life and died at 99 taking a nap from her very first headache.  I remember vividly as a four-year-old meeting her in the hallway between bedrooms. She was wearing a robe and had a look on her face of complete astonishment.  She told me she had a vision, not a dream, of a crystal world where she had met her daughter and found peace and love.  At that moment, she reached into her robe pocket and gasped, bringing out a large shining crystal in her palm for both of us to witness.  She held it to her heart, smiled large and breathed deep, tears streaming down her cheeks.  Even as a young child, I knew something amazing had happened – a glass rock appeared from something like a dream.  She was psychic too, many years before it materialized, she predicted the house and farm I would grow up at.  “If there is nothing you can do about it, no point in worrying” She would say time and time again when someone complained.

My maternal Grandpa Minervini was a Marine Captain in WWII at Guadalcanal. He was responsible for many men’s lives.  He told me that God, the memory of sailing and words of great poets all helped him through the trauma and that each day he knew which men would die.  He could sense it in their faces when they awoke and despite his feelings, he would try to raise their spirits only to find some dead by nightfall.  Long after war while we played outside, not one plane would fly overhead unidentified.  Making it a game he would throw me over his shoulders like he has done many men in war, carrying me laughing and kicking to safety.  He ran one of the biggest electrical businesses in NY City, cured himself naturally of prostate cancer, became pen pals with Nelson Mandela and a loved a good shot of vodka.

Why is it that people like this can go through great trauma and still find the joys in life while others fall into deep depression and are debilitated by memories of the past?  Since a young age, I have studied this myself. Recently I have been privy to some information that has conceptualized what I already have known. The secret is all in the heart and our connection to spirit. What we do wrong is struggle with emotions like despair, guilt, shame, anger, hold them rotting in our gut and try to will them away.

What is best to do is breath them up with passion to the heart and feel.  Once at the heart, it can feel awesome or it can hurt like clenching stabbing pain, or it can feel like dead space or boredom. I personally have felt all of those. It doesn’t matter, just keep with it, and conjure up elevated emotions like joy and gratitude.  Try watching baby animals, my Giant Flemish Rabbit Clyde or people smiling. Once you feel slightly happy, a magnetic energy is created lifting your vision to the top of your head, and then out to spirit. When this happens, you are more at a place to transform your emotions, change your life, manifest what you want or just be present for a moment without stress. It sounds so easy like gazing at the stars or watching the formations of clouds.  Why not?

It is a much more elaborate scientifically proven skill that Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches, but it’s a process that many people do naturally.  Some people are just wired from birth to believe in possibility, to believe in health, to know that this life is supposed to bring us joy and that order comes after chaos.

My Grandma and Grandpa believed in themselves and that it is a gift to be alive.  They believed they were connected to something greater than themselves. They stimulated their minds, found joy in the present moment and no matter what life threw at them they always believed in miracles.

Life is an accumulation of our thoughts and choices. Be aware and love into the coming year.


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I ask Clyde, “Why do you want to be out in the rain?”

He answers, “The air is too still inside and this way I can feel like a bunny in the natural world.”

He does eventually find his way to the covered front porch and his fluffy bed.

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Easter and I just had a serious conversation about human issues. After our talk, I told her she would be a very good human because she is so full of love and that would help her make the best decisions.

She said, “Maybe I already was a human.”

I told her that’s possible and if so, I am sorry that she may have had such a tough life that she wanted to come back as a dog.

She then answered, “Maybe it wasn’t tough. Maybe I just didn’t want all the responsibility”.


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Young-living Flash Sale

10% off Flash Sale til 1/14 ️ Some of you know that I have been obsessed with Young Living Oils. For the past few months they have been keeping my animals and I healthy, free of stress, and well rested. Just by diffusing them the dogs are barking less, itching and scratching less and just calmer over all. I have also switched all my cleaning products to their products. The house feels physically and emotionally cleaner. I really love these products. I want everyone to have as much fun as I am having. Youngliving is having a 10% off Sale until tomorrow! You should all get the starter pak and try them for yourselves. Did I mention my house smells so good now?! With 7 animals, that’s awesome! There are no hidden fees or monthly commitments. I promise you! But if you do end up wanting to sell them after you try them, you can make some extra cash! Feel free to pm me with any questions. Ready to Order…Here’s How! Head to this link: Make sure the “member” box is checked Enroller box should say: 16418574 / Sponsor box should say: 16418574 Choose the desert mist Kit. You may sign up for essential rewards if you want, otherwise skip by pressing ‘next’ and then ‘continue enrollment’ Fill out necessary info and check out…

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Ben Reincarnates


This is Ben.  He died at 10 years old in July 2018. 

My client / Ben’s person wrote:

When I asked Laura to find out if my Ben will reincarnate and come back to me in this life time. This was his response,

“oh yes, I am going to come back. I want to come back, but I have to say something about that. It has to be perfect timing for swim lessons. I want to swim really bad… I think its needs to be closer to Christmas. That is perfect timing. I’ll come back as a lab of course. I was thinking black suited me well. Maybe with a white spot on me.”

A little more than 2 mos after he transitioned, we are now blessed with this sweetie, notice he is all black with a white spot!


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Hudson & Joy Essential Oil

Hudson talks about Joy Essential Oil,

“I love when you diffuse joy because it makes me not want to bark out the window at all the dogs on the sidewalk.”   Works for me!

Interested in oils for you and your pets? Email me for more information.

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Pets’ New Year’s Resolutions

First Published in the Santa Barbara News-Press 01/02/19

It’s always fun to ask my animals what they want to manifest for themselves in the new year.

from top left to right

Hudson, Ella, Felix, Easter, Jubilee, Clyde, Seamora, Luca, Baby Hudson, Me

Here’s what they told me:

• Hudson, 3 1/2-year-old white shepherd: “I want to go to the beach more too. I am going to bring out my wise self and have more playmates. I am also going to manifest my paws always being healthy.”

• Ella, 5-year-old Snowshoe cat: “I don’t see very well and this morning I could see birds with my internal eye. I am going to do that more. I am going to trust my heart intuition more than my reactions. Also, I am going to get a new catnip scratching cardboard bed.”

• Felix, 8-year-old Chihuahua mix: “I am going to let more people pet me and when I get scared, I am going to remember to control my energy. I am going to learn a lot more tricks.”

• Easter, 4-year-old Chihuahua mix: “I want to learn to fly in my dreams. Also, I am going to go to the beach more.”

Jubilee, 8-year-old Appaloosa Warmblood: “I am going to manifest my mom coming to Oregon to visit me more. I have everything I want, but I am going to be braver getting in the smaller trailers and I am going to go on more trips to the mountains. And I have already mastered running in snow. My friend, Phoenix (mustang), and I are going to learn to jump over logs at the same time. We have been practicing. Oh, and I am going to be a good friend to a bunch of new mustangs that don’t know about people yet. When you know something, it’s important to teach it to others. I learn a lot.”

• Clyde, 4-year-old Flemish Giant rabbit: “I am definitely going to learn how to race Hudson across the yard and win. I am going to make Felix be my friend. He is still standoffish, and my mom is going to get me a cardboard house for inside.”

• Seamora, 28-year-old macaw: “I am going to learn more words and dance to more music. I am going to become good friends with the yellow and black bird that comes to eat my food and swim in the fountain outside. I am going to stand on my mom’s shoulder more.”

• Luca, 8-year-old poodle: “I am going to be more agile with my jumps and weaves at agility and also I am going to be more magical in my brain.”

I have two Woolsey Fire evacuees staying at my house until their home is cleaned from smoke damage. So I have to include them, too:

• Taffy, 12-year-old poodle terrier mix: “I have already started to believe that I can do more things than I thought I could. I can walk farther and play longer. Also, I want to spend more time visiting different nature places and I also want to meet more species of animals. I want to go to the botanical gardens.”

• Dalhma, 12-year-old cat (He doesn’t like his picture taken): “I am blind, but I have started to use my internal eye to see things and it’s incredible. I feel energy and see colors that I didn’t know existed. I am going to stretch more and also make sure I eat all the healthy food given to me. I am open to new possibilities and I believe that people and animals have open hearts and want to help each other. I am going to send love out into the world and be thankful for the love that comes back to me.”


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Animal Zone Talking with Mudslide Survivors

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the mudslide in Montecito, Ca. Sending love to all who have been affected.

On this episode of AnimalZone, I talk with a dog, bird and bunny. They share their thoughts and experiences of evacuating the mudslide area.

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Laura Out And About

When it’s cold and you need a butt warmer. Easter and Hudson

When it’s cold and you need a butt warmer. Easter and Hudson

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Taffy My First Bestie

Throw back to my first animal, Taffy. I remember being an infant and my parents holding her over my crib to see me. Taffy looked at me and I heard/felt, “You are so small.” It is my earliest memory. Taffy was my very first bestie!

I remember when my parents told me she died, I was sitting on a chair that could swivel around. I kept kicking myself spinning in circles hoping the pressure would keep my tears in and the motion would spin me to where ever she was. Even then I knew she was somewhere else.

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