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I bought a new rug for my living room from @oldnewhouse. I love it! Hudson says, “I love the rug because it makes the room feel connected and whole now. It’s soft and fun to play with Bradly on it. I like to sleep on it too.” #dogapproved because it’s #allaboutthedogs


This is Linus. He is seven years old. He is blind with some medical problems. He says, “I have more issues than anyone knows. I am not well, and my doctors are stupid. They think a test will give them all the information and nobody asks me….Laura, can I say something? I love my mom and my family. I don’t want to die, but if I do die, I will be fine because I feel that it is a beautiful place in Heaven… I want my mom to know that when I saw them at the shelter, my whole being exploded with love. I could feel the love throughout all of me and knew they were my family. I tell all animals that are suffering to go into a meditative space and to picture the feeling of being healed and happy. Believe in miracles!

Update: Linus healed himself through the power of his mind and heart. A week after our session, Linus tested negative for the medical issue that bothered him. I hear he is active outside again and living a happy life. Never underestimate the mind, heart, body, spirit connection.

Laura’s note: I always pay attention when the animals say they don’t like their doctor. Sometimes it is just because they don’t understand the doctor is there to help them, but other times they don’t feel the veterinarian is actually a good one for them. If you have a strange feeling about your vet, get a second opinion. Linus’s person got four

How to talk with a Pet Psychic, People Medium, Card Reader w/ Laura Stinchfield & Kim Klein YouTube Live September 4, 2022

Surrender into Communication!
Laura Stinchfield – The Pet Psychic ® & Kimberly Klein Intuitive Counselor talk about How To Talk With A Psychic & Medium. This is good information if you are having a session with a pet psychic, people medium, card reader, or any other type of intuitive psychic reader. We will discuss the dos and don’ts that help you have a great session.