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The Pet Psychic Beginnings

How I got started as a professional Pet Psychic:


Laura And Taffy The First Animal She Ever Understood. Taffy said to Laura when she was an infant, "You are so small."

Laura And Taffy – The First Animal She Ever Understood. When Laura was an infant Taffy looked at her and said, “You are so small.” This is Laura’s earliest memory.





Laura and Jinx

My Childhood: I grew up on a fourteen-acre horse farm in a small New York town in upper Westchester County. My parents were extremely supportive of my connection to animals. They accepted all of my pets into the family: The pony I had to rescue when I was ten years old, the English Cocker Spaniel, the calico kitten I had a friend drop off with a balloon and note that read, “to Laura from your secret admirer”, the parakeet I begged my grandfather for, the rabbit for which I forged my parents’ signature in order to win at a school raffle, and the many goldfish won at the local carnival.



laura stinchfield_talking to deer_june1975_2


As long as I can remember, I knew what animals were thinking and feeling. I had no idea that not everyone understood them to the degree that I did. There were many people in my history that told me that my connection to animals was different, but I was not exactly sure what that meant.




Laura And Lala 1996

Laura And Lala 1996



Young Adult: Although I was naturally communicating with animals as a child, it was not until I was a young adult that I begin to think seriously about animal communication. My first experience with professional “animal communication” and sending messages to animals was through reading Penelope Smith’s book Animal Talk.










At that time I had a cat, named Juliette. When I would come home from traveling, she would give me an evil glare and then scurry off into the neighborhood for days. Penelope suggested that before traveling one should send a mental picture to your animal of the number of days and nights (light to dark) you would be gone and picturing yourself happily returning home. It was amazing. The day of my arrival home, Juliette waited for me at the doorstep and slept with me purring all night long…a behavior she had never done before.




Laura (at 19 years old) & Lala hiking the appalachian trail in Vermont.

Laura (at 19 years old) & Lala hiking the Appalachian Trail in Vermont.

The second experience was with my German Shepherd/ coyote mix. When I was eighteen years old, I rescued Lala from an unhealthy situation guarding the local gas station. She instantly became my best friend. In 1996, I moved to California and began to study animal communication with Carol Gurney.

A few days after I returned from her training program, I lied down with LaLa on the bed and asked her, “How are you feeling today?”

As clear as thunder I heard her answer back, “Mom, I am dying inside”.

Two months later, I found out she had cancer and I had to help Lala transition to heaven. Being present for her transition proved to be one of the most enlightening and beautiful experiences of my life. It is because of this experience that I have been able to stroke and quiet animals as they are helped to transition in county shelters or in the homes of clients and friends.




Maia and I the day before she died. Pure Love

Maia and I the day before she died. Pure Love

Then came Maia, my German Shepherd/Wolf hybrid. Her story is too long to tell here. I will say, she is the sole reason I became a dog trainer and became passionate about helping animals through their fear, aggression, and unpleasant habitual behaviors. I also learned how the importance of study animal body language. You can read about that on the animal communication page.






Laura, Linda Tellington-Jones and Maia.

Laura, Linda Tellington-Jones and Maia. 1997

In 1996 and 1997, I went through an intensive training program with Linda Tellington-Jones and Robyn Hood to become a certified T-Touch Practitioner. This was the start of my journey into becoming an all-positive animal trainer and linking the concept of awareness of body with that of emotional health.

During the same years, I studied and became a Reiki Master.






My methods, teachings, and knowledge grow with every animal I encounter. I also grow with my interaction with other animal practitioners. These are the people who dedicate their lives or part of their lives to the welfare of animals.

I dedicate my life to teaching humans and animals to understand each other. Animals have an amazing ability to process complex situations. They take on our stress. They understand work stress, children’s issues, divorce, emotional and physical illness, and our insecurities and fears. They can give us wise insight into our lives. If we learn to communicate with them more clearly, their confusion and behavior problems begin to drift away and we in return become more peaceful people

I am blessed to be able to talk to them and to understand them. I am blessed to be their translator, teacher, therapist, student, and their friend.

I live in Ojai, California with Luca (30lb Poodle), Hudson (White German Shepherd), Felix and Easter (Chihuahua Mixes), Ella (Snowshoe Cat), Clyde (Giant Flemish Rabbit), Seamora (Blue and Gold Macaw) and Jubilee (Appaloosa Sport Horse).

Click Here For Frequently Asked Questions About My Pet Psychic / Animal Communicator Services.

Click Here To Read Why I Believe Reading Animal Body Language and Paying Attention To Your Thoughts Is Important.





Click Here to Schedule Appointment


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Laura Stinchfield – The Pet Psychic ® and her dogs Easter, Luca, Felix and Hudson

talk about:


How to keep your dogs calm.


Why you shouldn’t worry or hold feelings of fear.


Why its important to train your animals.


and more…






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Luca Learning To Wag His Tail

Ever since, Luca came to me at 6 months old (he is now 8 years old) he has been disconnected from his tail. He rarely uses it to communicate with other dogs or wag it when he is happy. He has had tons of chiropractic adjustments and TTouch work. I have been working on him becoming more conscious and aware of his ability to move his tail. I have tried to catch it on camera before but it’s not so easy.

Luca is a reincarnation of my late wolf dog Maia. They have some similarities but they are very different. Maia was a wild instinctual wolf and Luca a very domesticated poodle, so you can imagine the differences.

The interesting thing is that Maia had been abused before she came to me and had severe pain in her tail. It took me two years to be able to touch it with out her swinging around to bite me. It is my belief that when Maia came back she brought back an energy imprint of her old life and this manifested as the disconnect with her/his tail. Luca is doing awesome in this life and has overcome a lot. (Not wanting to kill other dogs is one!).

In this life, by the time he is ready to pass, he will have mastered the tail wag! As you can see he is well on his way…

Click  arrow to watch:




Here is a picture of Maia.

You maybe able to see she had an injury at the tip of her tail in this picture.  She was wild thing! Because of her lack of tail control and awareness, she would smack it hard on walls when she was playing.  The veterinarians wanted to take off her tail (seriously!) because it was not healing and bleeding all over the place, but eventually it did heal.


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Felix and Laura Talk About Felix’s Dental Surgery

Felix and Laura talk about Felix’s Dental Surgery





Tell Your Animals What To Expect
Don’t Freak Out – Be Chill
Dental – X-rays
Dreams – Space Traveler
Create A New Reality
Concentrate On Healing
Send Love Into The World

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Luca on how to change your life

Luca’s Words  Of Wisdom

Vlog 03-15-19

Luca and I talk about

the power of manifestation

and how to change your life.





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Hudson Chasing Deer – Words of Wisdom

Vlog 3/14/19

The Pet Psychic ® – Hudson Chasing Deer – Words of Wisdom

Hudson took off chasing deer.  This is our conversation upon his return.  The good thing is he remembered why I do not want him to chase the deer.

He is still an adolescent. As he ages, these reasons will make more sense to him.  Then he will be more likely to stick around.




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Seamora and the camera

Seamora loves to look at herself.  This time she was checking herself out in my iPhone when she asked a question. Play the video to see what she asks…


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Hudson and Clyde Besties


Friends are:


Hudson says, “Friends are others you can play and explore with.”


Clyde says, “Friends are others you feel comfortable with all the time. They are play buddies. Also they never bite you when you get too close.”

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Hudson is Awesome

“Some-days, I am amazed at the awesomeness of myself.” – Hudson

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Easter On Lavender Essential Oil


Easter talks about Lavender Essential Oil,

“Lavender is the oil of love.  On rainy days, when I am scared of thunder Lavender soothes my spirit and helps me to rest.  It smells so good.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Animals Thoughts On What Is Love

In honor of the month of love, I ask my animals,

“What is love?”



Ella my 5-year-old cat says, “Love is finding your purpose after you have been hurt.  Love is comfortable bedding and playing every day. Love is the space within you and around you that creates amazing things in your life.   Love is my life. I am love.”




Luca my 8-year-old poodle says, “Love is a wonderful feeling that allows you to be happy when there are difficult things happening.  It’s like sunshine all the time.  It is also what you have for yourself.”




Felix my 8-year-old chihuahua mix says, “Love is a mystery that flows through all things.  It is what brings rescue animals to their people and wild animals to safety during a fire.  It is a spirit rising within you.”




Easter my 5-year-old chihuahua says, “Love are cuddles and songs that people sing to you. Love is a good meal and being happy for no reason.  Love is when you smell good and people like to kiss you.”




Seamora my 29-year-old blue and gold macaw says, “Love is when I share my food with the wild birds and let them bathe in the fountain before me.  Love is definitely music and the sound of the wind through the trees.  Love is awesome.  If you think you don’t have it, you are wrong. It’s everywhere, you just have to notice it.”



Clyde my 4-year-old giant Flemish rabbit says, “Love is the energy that helps you manifest what you want.  Love is being grateful. It is carrot tops and lots of friends.   It’s when my mom laughs at me for being naughty instead of scolding me.  It’s also when she takes the time to explain why she needs me to be good. Love is clear communication and patience. It is also enjoying a ripe banana.”



Jubilee my 8-year-old appaloosa warmblood horse says, “Love is having a best friend you can trust in all situations.  If you get it wrong, they may get it right. Love is knowing yourself and being brave enough to trust others, even if someone has hurt you in the past.  Love is jumping over tree limbs in the snow. Love is someone taking the time to scratch your butt with a rake even though their own back is sore.”


Hudson my almost 4-year-old white German Shepard says, “Love is traveling through the universe to find someone you love deeply.  Love is being grateful for what is around you. Love is much more than you think it is.  It’s what all things wonderful are created from. I also want to say love is chasing deer and squirrels, but my mom won’t like that one…. Mom said it may be the speed and sense of direct focus I like. Ohh… love is morning snuggles in bed. Those are the best.”





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Makia and Love


This is my late cat Makia. When she was 15 she said,

Love is when you care about yourself first thing in the morning. If you love yourself it is easier to love others. Love is caring about your space and the foods you eat. Love is watching a butterfly fly to a flower.”

note: The first year of Makia’s life we lived in the path of the Monarchs migration. Daily we saw hundreds of butterflies. Even at 21 years old, Makia talked about attracting butterflies. She now manifests herself as a white butterfly in my front yard to let me know she is still around. When I first adopted her I was deep in the study of healing. I named her Makia after the 3rd Huna Principle of Life . “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.”
Makia was an embodiment of that principle her whole life.

The 7 fundamental principles of Huna are:

IKE – The world is what you think it is
KALA – There are no limits, everything is possible
MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes
MANAWA – Now is the moment of power
ALOHA – To love is to be happy with
MANA – All power comes from within
PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth

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Joey On Love

March 5, 2012 I asked all my animals, “What is love?”

Joey my cat from Heaven said, “Love is respecting your body, mind, and spirit.

Pure love is to believe in yourself and then having discipline to rise to your fullest potential. When you believe in yourself and rise to your fullest potential then the stream of love flows so strongly that you have the power to change the world.

The stream of love will carry you where you need to be. In purity, discipline and love are the same. People and animals who reside in love not only want to relieve themselves of suffering, but they also desire to relieve others of their suffering.

You must take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit. I am with Maia my sister in love. Here we shine the essence of love to our family on earth. We help others to reside in love.”

Click to read more:

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Maia on love

Maia my wolf dog in heaven says,

“Love is a stream of consciousness.  If you connect into that stream and anchor yourself to it you will always be protected.  Love is following what is true.  Love is being honest about what you can or can not do and love is believing in yourself to accomplish what others may think is impossible. When you love an animal or person fully it helps them reside in the stream of love.  Heaven has many different dimensions.  Love runs through all of them.  The highest dimension is pure love.  I reside there.”

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Seamora loves baskets

On cold days when she can’t be outside, it’s hard to keep Seamora amused.

She’s like a toddler who will get into everything if left unattended.

Lucky for me this basket of fruit kept her occupied for a awhile.

Seamora says, “At first I thought I will get in the basket and hide. Then I chewed on twigs and ate the fruit. Now I’ll hang out and enjoy the colors.”

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Ella and Sleeping Easter

I love the early mornings. Ella and I enjoy everyone else being asleep.

#peace #justbe

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Felix and his new name tag

My dogs have been gifted sterling silver name tags from Tiffany & Co. by Taffy’s people. Taffy is the dog that stayed with us for a couple of months while they were evacuated because of the fires.

Here Felix is modeling his tag for all of you to see.

Felix says, “I knew it was special when I saw the box. I have worn other jewelry. I could tell immediately that I love it. I love the weight of the tag and how it moves when I walk. The tag says Love on it and my name and my mom’s phone number so that I am found before I am lost. It’s very special and I’m extraordinarily grateful!”

💫 Tip: Show your animal their tag or collar and explain to them that your phone number is on it (picture yourself on your phone) and tell your animal that if they ever get lost to go to someone and show that person their tag, so that person can call you. It’s important they know they have that connection to you.

A chip is not enough! Your pets need tags. I have spoken to hundreds of people who have found and kept animals without ever checking to see if that animal was chipped. Just because an animal looks dirty and matted, it does not mean they have not been cared for. One day in the mud and my guys look like they have been homeless for weeks. Also Felix can be extremely shy with strangers. It does not mean that his present home has been scary. So search for the animal’s home if you have found a pet. Once you have found the owner than you can decide what to do. ♥️♥️♥️

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Rainy Days



Hudson, Easter, Luca & Felix



Being a New Yorker transplanted to California, I love the rain! I love thunderstorms, running in the rain and just the feeling of getting wet! Hudson loves it too. My three others not so much. Luca and Felix, I can coax into some serious wet weather fun, but Easter she’d rather stay inside. Though as you can see, she did have a little bit of fun in the mud.

Hudson says, “I don’t even notice it with my big coat. The birds are all quiet. I love the smell of the earth and the sound of the raging river.”

Easter says, “I hate thunder. When my paws get wet, I’m cold. I’d much rather feel the sun.”

Luca says, “I like running in the rain. Then we have a purpose and I don’t think about it. I don’t like just sniffing in the rain and I don’t like wearing my raincoat.”

Felix says, “If it’s misting, I don’t mind the rain at all. I love the smell and the feel of the earth, but when it is coming down hard it makes me feel too wet.”

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I only put one sweater on Easter early this morning.

In the car, she gave me a very serious look and said, “You know you need to dress me warmer in the mornings.”

Lucky for her I brought an alpaca wool sweater to layer on top of the one she had on.

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Seamora & Angels

Seamora’s cage was cleaned yesterday. I asked her if she noticed a difference. She said, “oh yes. It’s so much nicer and it smells like angels.”

I told her that I didn’t know that Angels have a smell to them and she said, “They do. They smell like pineapple.”

Who would have ever known?

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