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Pet Communication, Loss, and the Afterlife * Audio MP3 Download



Pet Communication, Loss, and the Afterlife

Meditations for connecting & communicating with your animal before and after their death.


After thousands of sessions assisting my clients in understanding the dying and death process with their animals, I am so excited to bring you a series of meditations that tap into the powerful benefits I have shared with them.


These meditations will help you and your animal navigate the dying and death process while creating a conscious bond that transcends death. This process is one I hold dear with my own animals.


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1. Introduction

2. Awareness of Pain in the Body

Learn to scan your animal’s body for physical pain.

3. Death is Not Goodbye

Teaches you how to connect with the essence of Spirit. It educates you and your animal about what to expect in death and in the afterlife, and it guides you in a powerful bonding process before your animal passes.

You may also find benefits in this meditation after your animal has passed

4.  Communicate & Share

Helps you and your animal to share joyful memories, address things you may be sorry for, and it guides you to an understanding of whether your animal is ready to cross over or not.

You may also find benefits in this meditation after your animal has passes.

5.  Freedom of the Soul

Feel your animal’s presence after death as they journey into Spirit.

Should play soon after your animal has transitioned. However, it can help any time after passing. It will help you to connect with them during their journey. 

6.  The Gift of Connection

Connect with your animal in the afterlife and hear heartfelt communications from beyond.

7. Their Home is in Your Heart

Release any guilt you may be harboring, feel your animal’s love, & learn to recognize when they are near.


Music composed and produced by Barry Goldstein, from the albums "Ambiology Pet Waves for Dogs" and "Ignite the Heart 2." Barrygoldsteinmusic.com


Artwork of Felix the dog by Ashleigh Dyan Bayer




This CD helped me through the dying and death of my 12 year old dog just recently. Guided by Laura’s gentle, soothing voice I not only connected with my dog, but with all of the pets from my life, who have crossed over. It was a healing for us all. I’ve used Laura’s services several times and it changed forever how I think and communicate with all animals.  – Maggie


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