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This is Delilah. She is 10 years old.

She says during a session,

Well I know my mom (person) gets stressed but she is so beautiful. She has a goddess energy around her and whenever she gets stressed I want to tell her, ‘Go get a foot bath, let dad rub your feet, and chill out’. She should do some cat stretches. I don’t go with my mom’s stress cause she has so many other good qualities I choose to focus on. Well I am about to tell you a story about love. Sometimes when the world turns up side down and you dont know where to turn and you feel like you are alone, all you have to do is meditate on your heart and look around at the beings you share your life with. Then everything feels better.”

Her person writes after the session:

Delilah is the angel of our household. She is always talking about Love, and bringing compassionate, positive thoughts to everyone. I have been feeling a bit stressed lately and have tried to communicate to my cats that I do not want to worry them, and I hope to work through my negative energy gracefully so that I do not let it fester, and pass on to them. The quotes from Delilah are regarding that topic. I always love having sessions with Laura so I can hear Delilah’s wisdom word for word. Laura is truly the most loving, and gifted intuitive I know. Our family is so blessed to know her and call her a friend.

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Serafina On Ghosts – Happy Halloween

serafina about ghosts







I ask my cat Serafina what she wants to say about Ghosts.

She replies,

“Ghosts are real. Some people and animals get trapped and then they haunt you and suck your energy so that they can feel better. It’s not scary. It is just the way it is.

When you see or feel a ghost imagine golden light streaming from your heart center creating an oval boundary around you. My mom also has spiritual wolves that chase the ghosts away.

Sometimes Ghosts need help. You can help them by directing them to ancestors they may have loved who are in Heaven. Angles and loved ones that have passed over are different than ghosts. Ghosts are troubled in some way. You should know the difference so you can always feel vibrant.

Sometimes ghosts make you eat junk food, drink alcohol or say or do things your normally would not. It’s important to be in control of your thoughts and actions.

I was named after a good witch so I have extra powers in sending Ghosts away. Don’t make friends of Ghosts. Angels yes but Ghosts no.

Happy Halloween!”

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