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Shaklan Cyti

This is Briley and her 9 year old horse Shaklan Cyti.

They compete often in eventing, so they travel often. Briley wanted to know how he feels being hauled in the horse trailer.

Shaklan Cyti says, “I love to be hauled. I get really excited that we are going to win. One of the things that I do need in the trailer is a thicker matt, because it is so thin it puts stress on my front legs.

Also I want a hauling soft halter cause I dont like the constant pulling on me. It makes me sore and then I am sore when the bridal goes on me. I know those fluffy things get in your eye sight, but I would rather have that than soreness of the face.”


Jubilee wearing a "hauling soft halter"

Jubilee wearing a “hauling soft halter”

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Laura Out And About

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