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I am super excited to announce that my two books in The Conscious Bond ™ Series are now available on Amazon! 

Stormy’s Words of Wisdom: An enlightened dogs profound insights on life 


Voices of the Animals: A collection of insightful articles and stories that will change the way you view and treat animals.





Stormy’s Words of Wisdom What would it mean if animals could talk? They can. Animal Communicator, Laura Stinchfield has been talking with them for her whole life. She has found that animals are pure spirits connected to the Divine. Here she shares her late dog Stormy’s ultimate truth about love, friendship, sickness, death, health, gratitude, and happiness. Stormy’s wisdom will open your heart to love.

In Praise of Stormy’s Words of Wisdom:

 “I was lucky enough to know Stormy in person. Whenever he saw me, he would trot straight up and gaze into my face. And smile. What a smile… I loved him and felt his love back. He was a great friend. Now, here, we have his love and wisdom to hold in our hands. We can open the book every day, or several times a day, and have a happy jolt of Stormy insight. Sometimes the tears well up. Other times, I laugh out loud. That’s some dog! Thanks, Stormy. Thanks, Laura.”— Caroline Thompson, screenwriter of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY

“I love this book! Stormy’s profound wisdom is like big hug for your soul. Thank you for sharing your love and light with the world!”— Grace Chon, commercial animal photographer, author of Puppy Styled, and photographer of Stormy on this cover“

“Stormy is not an ordinary dog, he is truly connected to the creator, to the universe, to the spirit world. Of course, without Laura’s highly tuned ability to communicate with animals and humans, both in body and in Spirit, we would not be so lucky as to hear Stormy’s inspirational, educational, and spiritual words of wisdom. So, thank you Laura for your very special abilities and thank you Stormy for your wisdom and insight.”— Kimberly Klein – author of Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain and The Universe Speaks a Heavenly Dialogue

“Laura’s amazing psychic gift reveals a world rich with wisdom and boundless love from her dog Stormy.”— Arthur von Wiesenberger, Host of Animal Zone and Co- Publisher Santa Barbara News-Press

Voices of the Animals is filled with tips on how to speak with and receive messages from animals, how to help them overcome behavioral and emotional issues, how to help our aging pets, and stories of connecting with animals in the afterlife. You will laugh, cry, and be excited to put what you have learned to work. Welcome to the amazing inner life of animals!

In Praise of Voices of the Animals:

“Laura Stinchfield is a hidden treasure. Read this book and shewill be a treasure in plain sight. Chock full of remarkable, enlighteningand sometimes startling anecdotes, Voices of the Animalscan steer us all to deeper connections with our pets, with otherpeople and with ourselves. Laura’s insights into animal behaviorcan be, if taken to heart, nothing short of revolutionary. Let thisbook change your life. Keep it close and read and re-read andre-read. Wake up!”— Caroline Thompson, screenwriter of Edward Scissorhands, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and screenwriter/director of Black Beauty

“Laura has been blessed with an amazing and very special gift! I’ve known and worked with her for many years in both a professionaland personal capacity. Her lovely book will make you laughout loud and pull at your heart strings at the same time. Laura’spositivity, kindness, and compassion shines in her stories alongwith her vulnerability, resilience, and courage that is refreshinglyshowcased in her book. It has been a pleasure collaborating withher on helping our mutual clients and ‘patients’ through difficulttimes. Her advice on training and working in partnership withyour veterinary professional is spot on. Thank you, Laura forsharing your unique experiences and insight!”— Dr. Jill Muraoka Lim, DVM, founding partner of Ohana Pet Hospital Ventura, CA

“Before meeting Laura, I could not imagine that animals hadmuch to say past wanting their people to understand why theywere behaving a certain way. However, I quickly learned thatanimals are naturally connected to the Spirit World and to all ofthe knowledge of the Universe. They can impart wisdom andTruths generally expected from a very enlightened person. Thenuggets of wisdom that the animals pass on to Laura can changethe way we think about life, love, relationships, and more. I trust the words from animals more than I trust the words from some people, and after reading Voices of the Animals, you too will know, deep down, just how connected the animals are to the Source that moves through all things.”— Kimberly Klein, author of Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain and The Universe Speaks a Heavenly Dialogue

Laura Stinchfield
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