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“Mom shouldn’t feel like she has failed me she is still trying to figure this all out.  mom will know when it is time to put me to sleep, when she looks at me and I am not there anymore.  She will see that my spirit is living someone where else and my eyes will be empty and not me.  She will be able to tell.  I hope that I will have a few moments where I can tell her I am ready, but I think my body might start working with out me and mom will know.”

Abbey’s person contacted me because she was having these issues :  Abbey has been having significant medical problems since March of this year. She had a sudden onset of blindness from cataracts, she had cataract surgery and lens replacements. The surgery did not go well and she ended up loosing her right eye to glaucoma and she can only see shadows in her left eye.  Most recently, she started being very aggressive with the other dogs and me. She has attacked me two times and attacked Yote (drawing blood). We started working with a trainer thinking it was related to her visual issues. But, now she has started having focal seizures and has some paresis of her rt side.

There are thoughts that Abbey may have a tumor.  Abbey amazed me because she had an acute awareness of what is going on with her and in spite her suffering she wants to keep going.  She wants to go on trail runs and be loved by her person.

She says about being aggressive towards other dogs. “I am aggressive towards other dogs because I don’t want to be around them anymore there is so much smells that are being put off and I am afraid they are going to kill me.  I feel like I have to protect myself.  Mom has to be careful not to use any new smelling products.  I have a hard time with new places too.  I cant process all the different smells.  I feel nauseous a lot of time.”

After our session I recieved this email, “Abbey seems to be calmer and more relaxed and suffering less anxiety since you spoke to her.  She isn’t growling at the other dogs, and the other dogs seem much more relaxed around her.  She had her first grand mal seizure today unfortunately, so whatever she has is progressing pretty quickly.
Sarah is feeding her chicken, sweet potatoes, rice and green beans – no more kibble per Abbey’s request – and her breath has gotten better.  And they went for a trail run today and Sarah took water!! Thanks again for everything.”

Sometimes it helps the animals just to know that they have been heard.  Some times they hold a lot of suffering inside of them and being able to voice it and have their people understand them makes a world of difference.  My prayers are with Abbey and her family.

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