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Angel is like many other dogs with aggression issues…


Angel says,

“I want to tell you something.  When I bite I dont know it.  No really, I forget who I am and that I live in a body.  I forget how cute and perfect I am and become a different dog.  It’s not me.  Its another dog that lives in the sky.”

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3 thoughts on “Angel is like many other dogs with aggression issues…”

  1. She IS cute! A calico dog!

    Her explanation sound like what I think went on in Big Red’s mind when he used to go into attack mode when he was younger.

  2. Just like with some people. Awe, poor girl. Dogs with aggression issues need a lot of understanding and love, especially seeing how terrified people become of them. This blog shows me even more so how important animal communication really is. So much can be explained on the animal’s behalf. So many sad endings could be averted if the animal is given a voice.

  3. Angel says “thank you, I AM a very cute brindle!” and would like to point out she was never human aggressive, nor was she animal aggressive. But she did not want to listen when the older Bull Terrier told her to back off or behave, and this led to scary scraps during which she truly was not herself at all. A professional behaviorist helped Angel learn her proper place in the pack and since then she and the older dog have been great buddies. Even when other dogs have behaved aggressively and even bit her, Angel does not respond in kind and the Sky Dog has never come back. Today, Angel is a respectful, friendly pack-mate to five other dogs who enjoy her playful humor and Angel enjoys delighting humans wherever she goes. She was glad Laura told her Mom that she prefers her food crunchy, because that’s how she gets it now!

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