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Do Angels Help Animals Find Homes – Dear Stormy

Dear Stormy: Did Angels Help Zoe to My Door?

New Pets and the Intent of Heaven


Dear Stormy,

My Welsh corgi, Zoe, showed up at my door in just awful condition. Her first family did not care for her. I have always felt as if she were told to come to my door by angels. Do you think angels help hurt dogs find new homes? Do you think we have known each other before?

Thanks, beautiful Stormy! —Ann

Dear Ann,

Zoe is lucky to have you. Animals have many angels that watch over them. My mom (Laura) and I have learned that these angels can be animals that are on the other side. They can be animals from your past or animals that in their life have gone through the same situation as Zoe did. The angels can also be your immediate family, friends, or ancestors that have crossed over. They didn’t necessarily need to have loved pets in life to help you from the other side. These angels can also be others in heaven that want a job to help their soul’s evolution.












I am so glad that you have recognized that you had help from angels. This makes the spirits happy. When we are grateful to them it elevates their consciousness and helps them along their path. We help each other. That is one of the miracles of life and death. We are always connected to others.

It is okay to ask help from the angels. It is actually a really good thought, because when you ask for help, the angels can ask around to find the best spirit to help you, and then you work as a team. Sometimes help happens really fast, and other times help can arrive more slowly. Know that if your heart is pure and you want to grow in life and in love, the angels will never let you down. It may not turn out the way you want it to turn out, but it does turn out for the better.

I know this ‘cause I have seen trouble arise and think it is a bad situation where bad spirits were mean to us, but then I have seen my mom and myself grow in knowledge, and then I realize that troubles are for the good to learn how strong and positive you can be in crisis.

I want to tell everyone that animals come to you for a reason. They come so that you can learn something about yourself and so that they can learn about themselves. The most common lessons my mom and I have seen is how to love, how to be nurtured, how to have patience, how to deal with anger in oneself and with others, how to have compassion for every being, and how to meet everyone where they are at and expand from there. Also, a great lesson is to never judge anyone’s progress and to praise the little improvements in oneself, in others, and in relationships. If you concentrate on the negative, the negative will prevail.

I feel like you and Zoe have probably known each other before. We are going to save that question for another Dear Stormy.

Thank you for writing, and thank you for your important question.

Love, Stormy


Stormy, aka Storm King, is a 14½-year-old Australian shepherd. His person is Laura Stinchfield, the pet psychic of thepetpsychic.com.

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1 thought on “Do Angels Help Animals Find Homes – Dear Stormy”

  1. I love that and so believe that is true. Stormy is such an old soul with such amazing wisdom!!! I love Stormys column

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