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Testimonial * Maki and Mr. Bacon

These are two clients animals Maki and Mr. Bacon.  Their people contacted me so that we could talk to their dogs after the passing of their cat Mae Mae.



This is Maki. He is 16 year’s old.

Here are some of Maki’s quotes from our session:

“Sometimes I feel Mae Mae around me in a strange way. Like out of the corner of my eye I will see her walking or sometimes I feel her like a warm breeze on me. Oh, you think so? Do you think that when I die, I will have sunshine inside of my soul? You think I have sunshine?”

“Well I love to be around my people, and I love it when they talk with me.  I also love it when they hold hands in front of me.”

Maybe what we can talk about is … ok this is very important because I thought about this before and I want this to be known. When I die, I do not want to go to the veterinarian. I don’t want to go. I think that I should just go naturally, or someone should come here and shoot me with a dart… Then I want to go naturally. Well if I have to go, I want to have a fresh blanket that smells like our detergent and I want to have mom and dad there and no one else. No one. Ok?


This is Mr. Bacon.  He is 10 years old

Some of his quotes from our session are,

“Sometimes when I go pee, I feel like I pee a lot. Do you notice that?  I am like whoa. Urine keeps on coming. No, it doesn’t hurt but it does keeps coming.”

“Yeah. Mae Mae dying was extremely sad. I think that her death was traumatizing for all of us, but she comes in my dreams all the time. She says I am going to come back and there will be two kittens. She said two kittens in the spring. That is what she told me, and she said you can’t put me in your mouth. I told her I wouldn’t. yes. “


Their Human Wrote After The Session:

Laura is so intuitive and I love her communication style with our animals; There is a lot of humor and grace. We did a phone session and its remarkable to watch how the animals behave when she is talking to them.

We originally did one session that I gave to my husband as a Christmas gift a few years ago. It was such a good experience that we decided to reach out to Laura again to talk with our dogs about the recent passing of our cat. This was a wonderful experience to help us all talk about it together.

The transcripts are awesome; There is something so happy about the conversation, so its nice to be able to go back and read again. I have recommended Laura to all of my friends with pets.

Laura, you have such an amazing gift! Thank you for your thoughtful interactions.

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Easter On Lavender Essential Oil


Easter talks about Lavender Essential Oil,

“Lavender is the oil of love.  On rainy days, when I am scared of thunder Lavender soothes my spirit and helps me to rest.  It smells so good.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Animals Thoughts On What Is Love

In honor of the month of love, I ask my animals,

“What is love?”



Ella my 5-year-old cat says, “Love is finding your purpose after you have been hurt.  Love is comfortable bedding and playing every day. Love is the space within you and around you that creates amazing things in your life.   Love is my life. I am love.”




Luca my 8-year-old poodle says, “Love is a wonderful feeling that allows you to be happy when there are difficult things happening.  It’s like sunshine all the time.  It is also what you have for yourself.”




Felix my 8-year-old chihuahua mix says, “Love is a mystery that flows through all things.  It is what brings rescue animals to their people and wild animals to safety during a fire.  It is a spirit rising within you.”




Easter my 5-year-old chihuahua says, “Love are cuddles and songs that people sing to you. Love is a good meal and being happy for no reason.  Love is when you smell good and people like to kiss you.”




Seamora my 29-year-old blue and gold macaw says, “Love is when I share my food with the wild birds and let them bathe in the fountain before me.  Love is definitely music and the sound of the wind through the trees.  Love is awesome.  If you think you don’t have it, you are wrong. It’s everywhere, you just have to notice it.”



Clyde my 4-year-old giant Flemish rabbit says, “Love is the energy that helps you manifest what you want.  Love is being grateful. It is carrot tops and lots of friends.   It’s when my mom laughs at me for being naughty instead of scolding me.  It’s also when she takes the time to explain why she needs me to be good. Love is clear communication and patience. It is also enjoying a ripe banana.”



Jubilee my 8-year-old appaloosa warmblood horse says, “Love is having a best friend you can trust in all situations.  If you get it wrong, they may get it right. Love is knowing yourself and being brave enough to trust others, even if someone has hurt you in the past.  Love is jumping over tree limbs in the snow. Love is someone taking the time to scratch your butt with a rake even though their own back is sore.”


Hudson my almost 4-year-old white German Shepard says, “Love is traveling through the universe to find someone you love deeply.  Love is being grateful for what is around you. Love is much more than you think it is.  It’s what all things wonderful are created from. I also want to say love is chasing deer and squirrels, but my mom won’t like that one…. Mom said it may be the speed and sense of direct focus I like. Ohh… love is morning snuggles in bed. Those are the best.”





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Makia and Love


This is my late cat Makia. When she was 15 she said,

Love is when you care about yourself first thing in the morning. If you love yourself it is easier to love others. Love is caring about your space and the foods you eat. Love is watching a butterfly fly to a flower.”

note: The first year of Makia’s life we lived in the path of the Monarchs migration. Daily we saw hundreds of butterflies. Even at 21 years old, Makia talked about attracting butterflies. She now manifests herself as a white butterfly in my front yard to let me know she is still around. When I first adopted her I was deep in the study of healing. I named her Makia after the 3rd Huna Principle of Life . “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.”
Makia was an embodiment of that principle her whole life.

The 7 fundamental principles of Huna are:

IKE – The world is what you think it is
KALA – There are no limits, everything is possible
MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes
MANAWA – Now is the moment of power
ALOHA – To love is to be happy with
MANA – All power comes from within
PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth

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Golden Heart Ranch

Home away from home.

Missing Jubilee


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Joey On Love

March 5, 2012 I asked all my animals, “What is love?”

Joey my cat from Heaven said, “Love is respecting your body, mind, and spirit.

Pure love is to believe in yourself and then having discipline to rise to your fullest potential. When you believe in yourself and rise to your fullest potential then the stream of love flows so strongly that you have the power to change the world.

The stream of love will carry you where you need to be. In purity, discipline and love are the same. People and animals who reside in love not only want to relieve themselves of suffering, but they also desire to relieve others of their suffering.

You must take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit. I am with Maia my sister in love. Here we shine the essence of love to our family on earth. We help others to reside in love.”

Click to read more:

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Maia on love

Maia my wolf dog in heaven says,

“Love is a stream of consciousness.  If you connect into that stream and anchor yourself to it you will always be protected.  Love is following what is true.  Love is being honest about what you can or can not do and love is believing in yourself to accomplish what others may think is impossible. When you love an animal or person fully it helps them reside in the stream of love.  Heaven has many different dimensions.  Love runs through all of them.  The highest dimension is pure love.  I reside there.”

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Poison Oak and Essential Oils

I love the rain. I love hanging out with my dogs by the rivers after a rain. I love exploring the woods. I love hugging, playing and snuggling with my dogs! Which sometimes gives me poison oak! Oh no! Poison Oak!

Since a teenager I have done it all! Homeopathy, creams and lotions, gasoline (yes in my early 20s), swimming in chlorinated pools, baths, I have gone to emergency rooms to gets shots, juice cleanses, swimming and surfing in the ocean in freezing cold waters without a wetsuit, and the last few years my magic has been Dawn Dish Soap but I have a new remedy and I am so happy!

It is such great news! I am in gratitude for lavender and peppermint essential oil. I am not itchy and miserable! My skin is healing fast! Because of lavender, I am calm and because of peppermint, I am energetic! Essential Oils You Rock!

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Seamora loves baskets

On cold days when she can’t be outside, it’s hard to keep Seamora amused.

She’s like a toddler who will get into everything if left unattended.

Lucky for me this basket of fruit kept her occupied for a awhile.

Seamora says, “At first I thought I will get in the basket and hide. Then I chewed on twigs and ate the fruit. Now I’ll hang out and enjoy the colors.”

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Ella and Sleeping Easter

I love the early mornings. Ella and I enjoy everyone else being asleep.

#peace #justbe

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Felix and his new name tag

My dogs have been gifted sterling silver name tags from Tiffany & Co. by Taffy’s people. Taffy is the dog that stayed with us for a couple of months while they were evacuated because of the fires.

Here Felix is modeling his tag for all of you to see.

Felix says, “I knew it was special when I saw the box. I have worn other jewelry. I could tell immediately that I love it. I love the weight of the tag and how it moves when I walk. The tag says Love on it and my name and my mom’s phone number so that I am found before I am lost. It’s very special and I’m extraordinarily grateful!”

💫 Tip: Show your animal their tag or collar and explain to them that your phone number is on it (picture yourself on your phone) and tell your animal that if they ever get lost to go to someone and show that person their tag, so that person can call you. It’s important they know they have that connection to you.

A chip is not enough! Your pets need tags. I have spoken to hundreds of people who have found and kept animals without ever checking to see if that animal was chipped. Just because an animal looks dirty and matted, it does not mean they have not been cared for. One day in the mud and my guys look like they have been homeless for weeks. Also Felix can be extremely shy with strangers. It does not mean that his present home has been scary. So search for the animal’s home if you have found a pet. Once you have found the owner than you can decide what to do. ♥️♥️♥️

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Rainy Days



Hudson, Easter, Luca & Felix



Being a New Yorker transplanted to California, I love the rain! I love thunderstorms, running in the rain and just the feeling of getting wet! Hudson loves it too. My three others not so much. Luca and Felix, I can coax into some serious wet weather fun, but Easter she’d rather stay inside. Though as you can see, she did have a little bit of fun in the mud.

Hudson says, “I don’t even notice it with my big coat. The birds are all quiet. I love the smell of the earth and the sound of the raging river.”

Easter says, “I hate thunder. When my paws get wet, I’m cold. I’d much rather feel the sun.”

Luca says, “I like running in the rain. Then we have a purpose and I don’t think about it. I don’t like just sniffing in the rain and I don’t like wearing my raincoat.”

Felix says, “If it’s misting, I don’t mind the rain at all. I love the smell and the feel of the earth, but when it is coming down hard it makes me feel too wet.”

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I only put one sweater on Easter early this morning.

In the car, she gave me a very serious look and said, “You know you need to dress me warmer in the mornings.”

Lucky for her I brought an alpaca wool sweater to layer on top of the one she had on.

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The Pet Psychic Radio Show

The Pet Psychic ® Radio show was live on Blogtalk Radio from 7/05/2010 –  4/16/2015

It is the radio show for animals & their people.

People call in to hear what their animals have say! This show is not only super fun to listen to, but also educational.

Cats peeing outside the litter-box. Dog growing at the neighbor. Animals in pain and their humans want to know where from.

Fun subjects too!  What does a rabbit think of the dog? Why does the cat bring twigs into the house?

Laura Stinchfield – The Pet Psychic ® with show producer Ai Kusuhara talk to animals who are living now as well as those who are deceased.

Rescue Organizations and their animals are often on the show.

Laura has an animal behaviorist background so you don’t just learn why, you also learn how to solve to the problem.

Be prepared to be enlightened, amazed, to laugh and maybe cry as you are opened up to the inner lives, thoughts, and feelings of the world’s animals.

This show is fun for the whole family!

Click on the arrows below to listen to the show!


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Seamora & Angels

Seamora’s cage was cleaned yesterday. I asked her if she noticed a difference. She said, “oh yes. It’s so much nicer and it smells like angels.”

I told her that I didn’t know that Angels have a smell to them and she said, “They do. They smell like pineapple.”

Who would have ever known?

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Stormy Maia and Buddha

My friend Louis Couture sent me this picture the other day. I don’t know what year it was taken probably around 2005.

These are my late dogs, my Aussie Stormy and my wolf hybrid Maia. Both have miraculously found their way back to me as Hudson and Luca.

This Buddha is on the property of my late Soul Sister Tita. Coincidentally Louie adopted her German Shepherd Trooper when she recently passed. The man who carved this Buddha died from his own saw during its creation. I feel him when I am around this Buddha. Many mystical experiences and healings also happened to me while I sat on this Buddha’s knee.

Last year, I had someone very close to me betray me. It was hard not to be engulfed by the disturbing acts and potential of the unconscious darkness of someone who does not live in truth. Though this person, as he slept had the same face of peace and calm as this Buddha. That image alone was often my lifeline of forgiveness. It is a reminder to me that no matter how “bad” a person’s behavior maybe, deep inside there is calm heart beating to be released.

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Lessons for the New Year


What’s the secret to finding the joy in life?

First published in the Santa Barbara News-Press 12/26/18


My Great Grandma Johnson was born in 1888.  At 99 years old with wavy red hair and lots of jewelry, she felt joy hearing that she looked in her 70s.  She told stories of her family’s covered wagon being held up and robbed by Native Americans in Minnesota, as a child she was ordered to stay up all night shooing flies off a baby’s corpse and later went on to bury her 44-year-old daughter, my father’s mother.  In her 90’s Grandma Johnson traveled often with her sister from Studio City, Ca by bus to Las Vegas to play the slots where she was frequently lucky.  She had no qualms of cheating me (a 5th grader at the time) in game of gin rummy literally with cards up her sleeve.  She bragged she never was sick a day in her life and died at 99 taking a nap from her very first headache.  I remember vividly as a four-year-old meeting her in the hallway between bedrooms. She was wearing a robe and had a look on her face of complete astonishment.  She told me she had a vision, not a dream, of a crystal world where she had met her daughter and found peace and love.  At that moment, she reached into her robe pocket and gasped, bringing out a large shining crystal in her palm for both of us to witness.  She held it to her heart, smiled large and breathed deep, tears streaming down her cheeks.  Even as a young child, I knew something amazing had happened – a glass rock appeared from something like a dream.  She was psychic too, many years before it materialized, she predicted the house and farm I would grow up at.  “If there is nothing you can do about it, no point in worrying” She would say time and time again when someone complained.

My maternal Grandpa Minervini was a Marine Captain in WWII at Guadalcanal. He was responsible for many men’s lives.  He told me that God, the memory of sailing and words of great poets all helped him through the trauma and that each day he knew which men would die.  He could sense it in their faces when they awoke and despite his feelings, he would try to raise their spirits only to find some dead by nightfall.  Long after war while we played outside, not one plane would fly overhead unidentified.  Making it a game he would throw me over his shoulders like he has done many men in war, carrying me laughing and kicking to safety.  He ran one of the biggest electrical businesses in NY City, cured himself naturally of prostate cancer, became pen pals with Nelson Mandela and a loved a good shot of vodka.

Why is it that people like this can go through great trauma and still find the joys in life while others fall into deep depression and are debilitated by memories of the past?  Since a young age, I have studied this myself. Recently I have been privy to some information that has conceptualized what I already have known. The secret is all in the heart and our connection to spirit. What we do wrong is struggle with emotions like despair, guilt, shame, anger, hold them rotting in our gut and try to will them away.

What is best to do is breath them up with passion to the heart and feel.  Once at the heart, it can feel awesome or it can hurt like clenching stabbing pain, or it can feel like dead space or boredom. I personally have felt all of those. It doesn’t matter, just keep with it, and conjure up elevated emotions like joy and gratitude.  Try watching baby animals, my Giant Flemish Rabbit Clyde or people smiling. Once you feel slightly happy, a magnetic energy is created lifting your vision to the top of your head, and then out to spirit. When this happens, you are more at a place to transform your emotions, change your life, manifest what you want or just be present for a moment without stress. It sounds so easy like gazing at the stars or watching the formations of clouds.  Why not?

It is a much more elaborate scientifically proven skill that Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches, but it’s a process that many people do naturally.  Some people are just wired from birth to believe in possibility, to believe in health, to know that this life is supposed to bring us joy and that order comes after chaos.

My Grandma and Grandpa believed in themselves and that it is a gift to be alive.  They believed they were connected to something greater than themselves. They stimulated their minds, found joy in the present moment and no matter what life threw at them they always believed in miracles.

Life is an accumulation of our thoughts and choices. Be aware and love into the coming year.


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I ask Clyde, “Why do you want to be out in the rain?”

He answers, “The air is too still inside and this way I can feel like a bunny in the natural world.”

He does eventually find his way to the covered front porch and his fluffy bed.

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Easter and I just had a serious conversation about human issues. After our talk, I told her she would be a very good human because she is so full of love and that would help her make the best decisions.

She said, “Maybe I already was a human.”

I told her that’s possible and if so, I am sorry that she may have had such a tough life that she wanted to come back as a dog.

She then answered, “Maybe it wasn’t tough. Maybe I just didn’t want all the responsibility”.


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Young-living Flash Sale

10% off Flash Sale til 1/14 ️ Some of you know that I have been obsessed with Young Living Oils. For the past few months they have been keeping my animals and I healthy, free of stress, and well rested. Just by diffusing them the dogs are barking less, itching and scratching less and just calmer over all. I have also switched all my cleaning products to their products. The house feels physically and emotionally cleaner. I really love these products. I want everyone to have as much fun as I am having. Youngliving is having a 10% off Sale until tomorrow! You should all get the starter pak and try them for yourselves. Did I mention my house smells so good now?! With 7 animals, that’s awesome! There are no hidden fees or monthly commitments. I promise you! But if you do end up wanting to sell them after you try them, you can make some extra cash! Feel free to pm me with any questions. Ready to Order…Here’s How! Head to this link: Make sure the “member” box is checked Enroller box should say: 16418574 / Sponsor box should say: 16418574 Choose the desert mist Kit. You may sign up for essential rewards if you want, otherwise skip by pressing ‘next’ and then ‘continue enrollment’ Fill out necessary info and check out…

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