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This is Toby. He passed away at eight years old. He says from Heaven,

“I want to tell them that at night time, I fly over the house, and I create a fog of love. It’s an energy of love that is all through the house.

I want my mom to know I can hear her talking with me and Daddy, too. Sometimes, I just rest my head on their lap and can feel them petting me.

I can feel letters written to me, and I sometimes run with the other dogs. I like to run around the other dogs when they are heading out.

I want my mom to know she can see me in the sky at night.

His person wrote after the session: As always, Laura, our session was amazing. I’m blown away by the messages that come through that no one would know. We were robbed after my baby boy passed, and no one knew that information. I did not post about it, and we did not talk about it. And when Toby said that he flies over the house and creates a fog of love, I knew exactly what he was talking about. I pray and talk to him every night as I go to sleep, and I knew he was my protector. My mom made a surprise visit, and I knew it was her by how and what she said.

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