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Pet Psychic Radio 12-06-12

Vegans With Meat Eating Parents

Cocker Spaniel Sees Spirit


On This Episode of Pet Psychic Radio: Laura and Ai talk about their animal killing families.  Brave the rottie talks about his new home. Rescue Guest Anne Gardner of Smith & Agli’s Potbelly Pig Manor joins us with deceased pigs Ben and Amelia.  Nellie the Cocker Spaniel sees a ghost in the house.  Listen to find out who the ghost is.  Robert the cat with no eyes struggles with diabetes.  Princess Tripod is afraid listen to find out why.  Serafina, Laura’s cat, gives us words of wisdom.  Patience.

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Amelia & Her Companion Ben

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Pet Psychic Radio 11-29-12

On This Episode of Pet Psychic Radio: Even though Ai’s dog Ventura is in heaven we wish him a Happy Birthday! He also shares with us advice on how to celebrate everyday.  We take callers.  We have a few updates.  A man finds out who the spirit woman is who met his dog when he passed.  A woman calls in to say that since our talk her cat has only peed in the litter box!   We talk to a dog about hunting with a hawk.  We have two special guests on. Our guests are founder of Stella and Chewys Marie Moody and Lori Birdsong of Linens For Animals

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Stella, Marie, & Chewy


Happy Birthday Ventura!

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Bean and Luca

Can my dog get a long with a rabbit?


Beanie Bunny & Luca


Luca my poodle and Bean my bunny hanging out under Bean’s chair before Pet Psychic Radio Show.

Luca says,

“Bean and I are discussing life.”

Bean says,

“Its more that he is telling me I should play with him.”

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What do animals do in heaven?




Abby says from heaven,

“My mom is here with me and we play often like we are puppies.  We are not always in the same form that you know.  Sometimes we are energy that swirl around each-other.  Sometimes we move as energy fields – with no resemblance of a body. It is freeing that way. 

I am energy before I am dog.  I am beautiful.”

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Becoming A Vegan

My Experiences Becoming A Vegan

When I was 9 years old I became a vegetarian on Thanksgiving Day. It was easy.

This year at 39 on Thanksgiving Day, I have committed to spending a year as Vegan. Maybe even the whole rest of my life.

I am going to blog and video log about my experiences.  So here it goes….

I know the die-hard vegans are going to cringe when I write…  It’s been hard for me to study animal rights.  I already experience so much animal suffering in my daily life/work that my body nor my emotional state could handle anymore knowledge of suffering.  I would start to feel sick and depressed.   I had to shut a part of my heart off.

I know I am not the only one.  I witness it everyday.

In the past year, I have eaten a lot of eggs. I thought that if I were given eggs from my friends’ farms where the chickens are healthy, happy, and can live their lives free-roaming it is ok.

A couple of weeks ago, I was mortified to learn that one of my friend’s ranch hands gave away her middle-aged chickens (probably to be eaten) and replaced them with young chickens.  I just about died with guilt.  It slapped me into the realization that chickens can experience suffering anywhere. To think of those chickens being taken away from their safe home to their frightening deaths.

I can’t eat eggs anymore.  That was the beginning of me becoming a vegan.  I haven’t missed the taste of eggs yet (or maybe I never will).

It is time that I must open my eyes a little further.  I am stronger now.  I now know how to take care of myself. I know when to breathe, pray, do yoga, meditate, bath in salt, drink some juice, sage… when the suffering engulfs me and takes me to a deep place of despair.

Everything the animals think and feel goes through my body.  Everything. If they are suffering, I feel it in my body as if I am suffering.  That is downfall of my work and what I am constantly struggling with.  Suffering makes me tired.

I love Cashmere. I love the soft warm feel of it against my bare skin. I love a cashmere sweater with hood to keep my ears out of the cold on winters eve.  I love cashmere gloves on a morning walk. I love cashmere sweater and sweet pants and a cashmere sweater over a cocktail dress.

Though did you know that Cashmere is Cruel?

Cashmere Goat.                                               copyright: Someone on the web.

How could I hurt such a beautiful creature

as the one pictured above?

So Why Is Cashmere Cruel?

From Peta’s Website:

“Cashmere is hair that is shorn from cashmere goats’ underbellies.  These goats are often kept on farms where they are dehorned and castrated and have their ears notched without anesthesia.  Goats with “defects” in their coats are typically killed before the age of 2.  Industry experts expect farmers to kill 50 to 80 percent of young goats whose coats do not meet standards. Shearing robs goats of their natural insulation, leaving them vulnerable to cold temperatures and illnesses.  Many goats are sold to be slaughtered for their flesh after shearing.”

Click Here to read why Silk, Shearling, and Other Animal Products are not kind to animals.

I read that now and I internalize it in a way I was never able to before.  … Breathe in.  Breathe out. … Breathe in. Breathe out.

I have been scared for too long that the consciousness of animal suffering that comes with becoming a vegan would make me depressed.  It’s time to see.  Maybe I will surprise myself and by honoring the animals I will become more joyful.  We will see.  Stay tuned.




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Casey Travels To Places In Her Mind

The Inner Lives of Animals

Casey is a 8.5 year old female

I asked Casey what would make her feel more comfortable when she is left in the house alone.

Casey wanted the TV on.

She explained why,

“Do you know I went to the place where there was water in homes? 

When I went there I found a dog.   I told the dog, ‘go to any person that has compassion in their eyes and you will be safe’.

That is what I did in my mind cause the TV was on.”

Casey was talking about the devastation after Hurricane Sandy. From watching the TV she had images of what those areas looked like.  Casey tuned into those areas in a similar way I that I find and talk to animals from a distance.  When Casey did this she connected with a frightened dog and was able to help this dog.

Sometimes our animals are helping others even when do not know it.



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Totoro passed away 9-16-12


When I asked Totoro if he comes and visits his people he said from heaven,

“Yes, I come to be in the house with them. I sleep with mom and grandma.  I also hang out with Akira (other cat in house) when she needs company.

Mom I want you to know here in heaven it is like a comfortable room filled with pillows and tunnels to hide and take me to other places.

The tunnels take me to places where I can see cats that need homes.  I match the cats up with people.  I try to make sure I give strong people difficult cats and frail people easy cats.

Mom I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I know that watching me get more sick was hard on you. I always felt loved in your compassionate eyes. Mom, thank you.”

*mom is his person.

It amazes me everyday how complex our spirits are and how we live on after death. Many animals have a job in heaven.  It is comforting to me to know that Totoro is watching over some of the homeless cats on earth.

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Pet Psychic Radio * Aggression Tips and Calming Signals

On This Episode of Pet Psychic Radio: We talk to callers about their aggressive animals and explain to the animals how to be comfortable in situations.  We talk to animals that have passed over.  Our rescue guest is Julia Knoblock from the Escondido Humane Society and the rescue rabbit Daisy.

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:


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Daisy is 5months old and is looking for a home with her bunny companion Tanner



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Pet Psychic Radio 11-08-12 Hurricane Sandy and more

On this episode: Mr. a two year old dog describes the people who robbed his house.  We talk to Mo the dog about how he is doing in Heaven. Nadia’s cat talks about his body and his love for his person. Daisy the cat explains her sick feeling.  We talk to Stubby the manx tabby while he is in the hospital.  He gives his mom reassurance on his health.  Laura explains how to prepare animals that a natural disaster is coming.  We take some questions from the chat room and Laura’s dog Stormy gives his words of wisdom and advice to other animals.

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:

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Mo on the right talks to Laura from Heaven.
He is survived by Sammi Girl & Sammy Boy.

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Children And Animal Rights

Britains Got Talent

2011 Olivia Binfield

This video brought tears to my eyes.  I am touched when children have a passion for helping the world’s animals.



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11/11 Pet Psychic & Animal Chiropractic All In One

As many of you know I am a huge fan of chiropractic for animals.

This coming Sunday 11/11 in Ventura, CA.

I, Laura Stinchfield – Pet Psychic, am teaming up with Dr. Sherry Gaber. She will be adjusting the animals while I am talking to them. We can ask them how they feel in their bodies before and after Sherry and anything else you want to ask them. Chiropractic can help with Difficulty standing up or walking,

Poor appetite
Uneven gait
Sleep problems
Ear infections
Excessive licking
Lack of a desire for play
….And many more…

Please contact me at to book your session.

half hour $100, 45 min $150, 1 hour $200.
This is a very exciting unique event!

Watch A Video of Sherry Working:

Also in video owner of Aloha Dog Grooming in Ventura Tina Baselice


Sherry’s website:

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Pet Psychic Radio * What Do Animals Think Of Humans

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio: Ginger the boxer tells us why she shakes a lot.  Our special guest is Dr. Laurie Moore Certified Animal Communicator and licensed Family Therapist.  Dr. Laurie’s website is  Duke the yellow lab tells his person if he was euthanized at the right time or not.  Hannah the tabby with no stripes wants to be human, says fetching is mindless and has us all laughing.  Traci the Siamese cat has peed outside the box for 6 years. She talks about her issue.  Eddie the deceased cat tells us he is still stealing food from his person.  Bean my bunny talks about how people should heal each-other.  Our theme of the show is, “What do you think about humans?”

 Click On Arrow Below To Listen To The Show

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George is 12 years old

George started to act lethargic.  Sometimes he would yelp when his person would pick him up.

When I asked him what is going on he replied,

“I have an issue. It is in my rear hinny. Its like my left rear hip it makes this really bad pain that makes me cry. but it starts with a sizzling at my right neck and shoulder and then it crosses my spine and bites me there. It bites me. It feels like a snake bite.”

I asked him how he knows what a snake bite feels like. He replied,

“I imagine.”

George went to the chiropractor and is feeling better.

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Precious is 11 months old. She says,

I am actually doing really good. I feel very brave and I feel like my sister has more fear than I do. I feel like some times she shy’s away and I am not sure what to do about it. I am not sure if I should be scared to or if I should move forward.

I really love my mom and she is very caring of us. . I am really smart. I like water in a crystal bowl. Or a glass bowl. a pretty glass bowl”

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Pet Psychic Radio 10-18-12 * How Animals Make People Laugh

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio:  Happy the Poodle talks about why he bites his person.  Mitsy the cat tells us why she goes off alone and meows.  Panda the Tabby talks about why she is proud of her person.  Feather and Henry, two rabbits, talk about their relationship and why they are not getting along.  Prince the chow talks about his body.  All animals are asked the theme of the episode which is “How do you make people laugh?”
We are also joined by our rescue guest Rachel Crossen of Ape Action and Tulip the 8 year old foster dog. Tulip talks about why she sometimes attacks other dogs.

APE Action’s Website:


Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio


Tulip was Rescued by Ape Action

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In the days before Mascha passed away she said,

Do you know that women look in the mirror a lot.  Well maybe I can make the light flicker in the mirror.”

Meaning that after she died she would try to giver her mom (person) a sign that she is around and  ok.

Her person just wrote this to me:

Mascha had assured me she’d let me know she’s okay, and said she might do it in a sunbeam or in the kitchen, but she also made a crack about women looking in the mirror a lot and that she might make a light flicker in the mirror. 

Well, about a week after she died I got up for work and did a bit of an unusual thing…I turned on my overhead bedroom light instead of my nightstand light.  I literally never do that, ever. 

About 30 minutes later I sat down in my bathroom to dry my hair and the bedroom light turned off.  I briefly thought the power had gone off, but the hair dryer was still on and so was the bathroom light.  The light turned back on…then off…then on again with no disruption to any other electricity. 

I knew at that moment that Mascha was letting me know she was okay.

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Pet Psychic Radio 10-11-12 Healing Intentions

On this weeks Pet Psychic Radio: Barney the golden doodle with seizures talks. William a cat that survived being lit on fire talks about his ptsd.  Jax the tabby explains why he has a licking issue. Barney the jealous man hating German Shepherd explains why he bites. Darby 7 mo kitten who is attacking his family discovers a new way.   Makia, Storm King and Aloha tell their words of wisdom.  Theme of the showing Healing Intentions. Rescue Guest: Laurence (Larry) Holyoak of International Animal Rescue  P.O. Box 137 Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio




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Bean says, “When we go out walking I think my mom should carry treats and give all the dogs treats and say the treats are from me.”

It is so sweet that Bean is thinking about the other dogs.

Bean is an 8 year old male

Doggie Bean and Kitty Kenny

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LA Conscious Life Animal Communication Panel

Speaking on the Panel at the Conscious Life Expo
Oct. 2012


It was great being with everyone on the Panel. Thank you Lori Spagna for setting it up!

People On The Panel:

Myself 🙂

Lori Spagna a Lightworker, Visionary, Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer and Canine Behavioral Expert. She facilitates a 2-way dialogue with animals and trains other professionals in the animal services community.  She also provides DNA activations and teaches about manifestation and healing in preparation for The Shift.

Dr. Laurie Moore, licensed therapist (LMFT), certified hypnotherapist (CHT) has assisted people and animals to transform their lives, awaken to universal love, and communicate in evolved and fulfilling ways. She has appeared on CNN, Fox News Live, O’Reilly Factor, NBC and many others.

Dr Richard Palmquist practices integrative veterinary medicine at his AAHA accredited small animal practice in Inglewood, CA. He is an author, president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation and a blogger for Huffington Post.

Dr. Audra Sykes MacCorkle DVM, MRCVS, is a Veterinarian with extensive knowledge from top schools and mentors in alternative healing therapies. She founded Healing Touch Veterinary Wellness Center in Sherman Oaks, CA and offers a specialized approach to holistic care for animals.

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Joey Speaks From Heaven

Cat in Another Dimension

Joey Is Watching


It has been just over a year since my cat Joey died.  I see Joey out of the corner my eye sometimes. When I find he is not “really there,” I feel the tinge of sadness in my heart that he is not alive in body.

At times in the middle of the night, I will feel him wrap his body up against my head, rest his chin on my check, and hold my fingers with his paw just like he used to do when he was alive.  I cry sometimes from missing him so much.  It feels like forever since I sat with him under my feet in the yard or on my lap on the couch.  I cry sometimes at the memory of him suffering in the weeks before he died, though I know better.

Every morning as I would write, Joey would drape himself over my left arm and lie there until my writing was done.  Now my gray cat Serafina takes his place, but she doesn’t touch me. She lies two inches away.

I can feel him now as I write about him.  I tell myself just what I tell all my clients who are missing their deceased pets. “It is not always a memory. Often it is your animal in spirit that is really there.  You must trust it.  If you do they will come more often.”

Here I ask Joey, “Do you have anything to say?”

Joey replies, “Mom, I am so happy you are talking to me.  I miss you here but not in the same way. You know that.  Juliett (cat friend) is here. I go into the future.  I see what you don’t see.  I see the next steps you need to take in order to reach your goals.  Mom, you have to take them, or you won’t move forward.  I notice that about people.  They want and they dream, but they don’t always move.  You have to move.  You have to move quickly.  If you don’t, the opportunity may close.  Mom, there are so many of your animals here. I have seen Boomer the bunny and your horses — lots of horses.

Joey Joe

“I have been taught that I had such a special job in my life with you.  I didn’t know it when I was alive, but I was chosen to help you learn that you could talk to animals.  I was chosen to be your companion during those years and to help you grow.  An animal and a human are put together for a reason.  You taught me how to be independent, and you taught me to be brave around people.

“I do a lot of things here.  I hunt through the tall grasses.  Your grandparents have taken me to their old houses on the water.  I was able to see you as a child and climb trees with you. I have not left you, Mom.  I am always watching out for you.  I am learning about your life, so I can help you move forward.

“I meditate here.  It is important for all beings in any dimension to meditate.  Meditation is what makes beings more aware, more compassionate, and open to the flow of universe.  I met who I was in a past life.  I will tell you about that another time.  Sometimes I live like when I was a kitten with you; I live that life over.  Time is different here, and each time I learn something new. Here you can live any moment in your life over so that you can change the imprint of it that it makes on your spirit.”

I tell Joey I am sorry for not talking to him more frequently. He replies, “It is okay.  Whenever I miss you, I can live in the feeling of your love for me.  It is expansive and pure. (As he says this, the wind chimes outside my window blow, often a sign that a spirit is near.)  I understand.  Though please talk to me more. Our connection is still very real.  There is so much to say.”

I ask him what should I tell my readers.  Joey answers, “I want everyone to know that your beloved animals are still very present in your life. You can accept their presence or choose not to believe.  If you talk to your animals in heaven, it opens up a doorway so that it is easier for them to help you when you need them.  I want to tell people we will see you again.  I want to tell people to go after their dreams, to act. There are many on the other side who are waiting to help you.  Meditate so that you are connected to a higher vibration. This is important because, when you live and work from a higher vibration, you have fewer obstacles in life.  I want to tell people your animals never stop loving you.”

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