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It is now 5:24 pm and the Ojai black bear has been up in a pine on Alisos Street.  Thanx to Deb Norton and Chris Nottili I have had a place to watch and talk to him.  The Ojai Police department took a bit of time this morning to close down the street.  Now a few blocks are closed around the bear.  The Ojai Police do not want to injure the bear.  The problem with tranquilizing the bear is that the tranquilizer stays in the bear’s system for a few days.  It is bear hunting season so Fish and Game are worried about a hunter eating the tainted meat.  So what to do:  There has been many suggestions.  But none that fish and game feel comfortable with.

So we all must visualize the bear going down Alisos to Signal Street up Signal.  Right before Grand there is a field off to left.  If he turns left there he can get back into an embankment that leads to the dam and to the Pratt trail.  Please all visualize him doing this calmly.  He must stay on the road until he gets to this area.

Bear Talk, “I am getting scared.  I can feel that some of them want to shoot me.  I am not sure what to do  I understand about what you want me to do, but it is such a long distance and I am confused about roads.  I do not like the feel of them on my feet.  Why are they so close to the tree?  Didnt you say they would leave me alone?  I am so thirsty.  If they kill me what will they do with my body?  I dont want any humans to eat it.  I got so confused last night because I could not smell the mountains that I came from.  I need to eat.  I would never eat a dog.  I dont know why they would bring a dog here?”

Bob Kilpatrick brought his dog to the scene earlier in case the bear started to come down the tree.  But the dog was never needed.

me talking to the bear 9 am
me talking to the bear 9 am
alisos bear photo by Chris Nottoli
alisos bear photo by Chris Nottoli

6:10 Now Fish and Game and Ojai Police talking about which route he should take to the mountains.  Joe Evans the Sheriff is all for my idea of sending the bear up signal and up the ravine or up to shelf road.  Let’s all continue to hold that image.

Bear talk, “I need to get to the forest soon. I am having a hard time still being up here.  My muscles are starting to cramp.  How much longer do I need to stay here?  Do they trust me?”

To Quote Chris Nottoli on facebook “Bear Watch 09! Breaking News. As the situation worsens, Team Bear Watch 09! member Brent Florence has come up with a stroke of genius, plan C! He’s going to rob a bank to draw the cops away.”

6;43 getting dark.  guns are loaded.  men standing in a circle in the street near the bear chatting eating apples and discussing what to do.  Thriller plays at a party a few houses down.  I am worried.  I hope they make compassionate decisions.

getting prepared
getting prepared

Bear talk, “It is getting night and if the men will leave I will come down.  But if I sense them here I am not sure I am going anywhere.  I want them to go away?” I dont know what to tell the bear.  I was welcomed earlier in the day for my assistance, but I had to climb over a neighbor’s fence to get here after I left to walk my dog.   Thanks to Jay who helped me with a ladder and his kind mom for allowing me through their yard and over their fence.  Jack their dog was also friendly.

Brent has been listening it sounds as if they may try and discourage the bear from traveling down the wrong route by hitting him with rubber bullets on the shoulder????

Night has fallen and the bear is pitch black in the tree.  The men have dispersed a bit.  Ghost busters now blasting from the party.

9:00 pm  Brent & I have left the scene.  The music from the party stilled blared in the near distance.  Roads blocked off with yellow tape.  Police officers smiling and saying goodnight.  I can honestly say the Ojai Police do not want to hurt this bear.  Though there is still a lot of action in Ojai and the bear does not feel safe coming down.  I am a bit worried that we left the scene.  I hope all bears well.

Bear talk:  “I have played what I have to do over and over in my mind.  I am just not sure when it is safe to come down.  Will they give me a sign?  Will they leave?  Cars make me nervous.  The sounds of their engines and the lights.  I am so thirsty.  I hope I can even make it.  Is there water up that way?  I need a big bucket of water.” I wish I could tell the police to leave him a bucket at the bottom of the tree.

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