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Behavioral Issues – Pain in the Body

Have you ever wondered if your animal's undesirable behavior may have to do with pain in their body?



This article explains how to understand how your animal is feeling in their own body using telepathy / empathy.   Enjoy! 



This article is published in my book Voices of The Animals.  You can buy the book by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “Behavioral Issues – Pain in the Body”

  1. Laura was so helpful when our sweet baby was near the end. She helped her relay to us she was ready and even let us know my Mom was there and guiding her. It was still the most painful thing we have ever done but we don’t have any regrets. Such an amazing gift.

  2. Our cat “Music” keeps vanishing for days at a time. I would like to schedule a session with you to find what’s going on. How do I do this?
    Thanks, Nancy

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