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Ben Reincarnates


This is Ben.  He died at 10 years old in July 2018. 

My client / Ben’s person wrote:

When I asked Laura to find out if my Ben will reincarnate and come back to me in this life time. This was his response,

“oh yes, I am going to come back. I want to come back, but I have to say something about that. It has to be perfect timing for swim lessons. I want to swim really bad… I think its needs to be closer to Christmas. That is perfect timing. I’ll come back as a lab of course. I was thinking black suited me well. Maybe with a white spot on me.”

A little more than 2 mos after he transitioned, we are now blessed with this sweetie, notice he is all black with a white spot!


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2 thoughts on “Ben Reincarnates”

  1. Steven Jaskowiak

    Is it possible for a 14 year old canine that has just peacefully passed very closely and spiritually aligned with it’s human companions in to the body of another canine that is now a year and a half old?

    1. The Pet Psychic ®

      It depends on what you are talking about. It is rare that there is an actual “walk-in” where a dog’s soul will go to Heaven so another soul can occupy his/her body. It can happen but it is rare. It is more common that a dog in heaven may ask a dog who is alive to do certain behaviors so that the owner can feel close to the dog that has passed.

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