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This is Benji. He is a rescue who has some severe post-traumatic stress from his previous life. To spare you the details, he was not treated with kindness. Because of his past, he has some biting issues that he and his people are working very hard to let go. I am very proud of them. Everyone has times in their life when they struggle to be more conscious and less reactive. I was explaining to Benji that he should tell multiple parts of himself about the confident, loving dog he wants to become. The being at the center of his heart (present self), his past self, his future self, and his higher-self.

Benji replied, “I need to tell multiple parts of myself that I shouldn’t bite. That will help me. Because I only told one part of me before. I need to tell the part of me that is deep inside of myself, and I need to tell the part of me that is in Heaven. I already told my past self and my future self. “

We all can learn a lot by contemplating this. It’s important to connect who we want to become with our heart and our higher-self. That way our past self can move into our future self. Thank you, Benji. I know you will overcome your past. He’s such a good-boy and has the best human!

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