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This is Buttons.  She has since passed. Before she passed, she said about her person, “My mom is a kick dancer. It means that my mom will fight for me till the end… Mom, I want you all to remember me as a sassy explorer, not a pacer forgetter.” 

When animals are old, blind, a bit deaf, and have a slight dementia, it’s very hard to know when is the right time to help them go to Heaven. Often, our older or sick animals live in two worlds.

Buttons explains it during our session, “My family adores me. It’s tough for them to see me decline. I have two different views on it. On one hand, I am always fighting to live a vibrant life. I love the feeling of sunshine on my body and family snuggles. I love that, and I love it when my people see me happy and want to keep me going, but I also find that I have a new life in Heaven. I can feel myself walking up the rainbow sometimes where I can all of a sudden see clearly, and there are birds that are making noises around me cause I don’t hear as well as I used to, and sometimes I see shapes, and I can focus on people and things and other times it just goes black, but then sometimes I see love energy, and that love energy is cool cause I feel all the love of my family. 

After she passed, she said, “I want them to know that they are still special to me, and this is not the end. They will see me again. I am getting powerful. I will show them me in so many beautiful ways. I might be a bird or a heart-shaped thing.

The joy that I feel in Heaven is immense. I want my people to remember me when I was young, and I could prance around with my head up high and my tail flying around. I want my family to know I am empowered with where I am. I am full of life. I want them to know that I often curl up with them on their laps and rest my head between them. I am always with them now.”

Buttons person writes after the session: So grateful that Laura has this ability. She told us things that only Buttons would know.

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