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This is Cobey. He died at 14 years old.
During a animal communication session with his person (mom) he said,
“I want to tell my mom that she was a very good mom to me. I felt always very loved by her. When I got sick, I didn’t always tell her. I didn’t want to be a bother so I didn’t always tell her until my sickness got too bad. I thought that I was just getting stomach aches after I was eating. I didn’t realize that I had anything serious wrong with me. When it got so bad, I told my mommy and she took me to the doctor. I feel like my mom was a really good mom. I felt like she paid attention to me and she spoke with me everyday and every day she pet me and told me that she loved me and asked me to help with the kids. I felt like I was her helper.
I understood that she didn’t have the time or the energy. Those children are a lot of work and just being in the house with them made me exhausted. I understood. I didn’t feel neglected. I felt like my mom was doing a really good job being a mother and one of the kids is very demanding. more demanding then the other one and i just want you to know mom, I think you are the best mom and you help the kids be really creative and smart and you help them think and make good decisions and i feel like you were a good mom and I didn’t feel like they stole time away from me because that is our life. We did it together. That was just our life and I loved our boys. They were my good friends and I felt loved always. I really did.
My last moments were very peaceful. I was not scared. I felt a prayer and a blessing my mom did for me and I died in the blessing. I felt her prayer for me and that opened the door for the angels to come and get me. When I was at the hospital, I dreamed a lot about home. There was a part of me that came home to my mom. There was a part of my spirit that was home too. Its ok mom. I had a peaceful passing.”
After our session Cobey’s person wrote: Laura is very spot on and convey the message very clearly. I was very surprised with all the info that my deceased pet told her because I didn’t tell Laura about them at all. This proves she’s really am experienced pet communicator.
I was also very surprised my deceased pet knew one of my sons is more demanding than the other one. Again, it’s spot on!!
I really highly recommended Laura to anyone across the world. I am from Australia and I would use her again in the future to find out if Cobey is ready to come back. Cobey did told Laura the answer and I like to keep it private :). So Laura, I’ll contact you again so I can talk with Cobey :).
Note from Laura: There are many things to point out in this reading. Some of them are: 1. We dont always notice the beginning of a serious illness because the animal at first doesn’t feel “seriously” ill. 2. Our animals know more about our lives than we think they do 🙂 3. Our animals do feel our prayers and our thoughts for them. Our prayers do help them. Our prayers are answered and there are beings in spirit that will come to help us and our animals. We have to trust in that. 4. When our animals are in the hospital they often dream of being home. If we think of them and send them love they feel it and a part of them feels the comfort of us and home. 5. When our animals die, they are very much still alive. If we are open to believing this, we will see signs of them.
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