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This is Curtis Randall Stoppit. He passed away when he was only ten years old. He says from Heaven, “I want to tell my mom that I know that she misses me and I know that she is wondering sometimes where I am, so I want to tell her that I am not only playing in Heaven but I am also in a stream of love that can help her throughout her day. Well she could think of me as a love cuddle being and then when she gets sad, she can think of me up against her heart.”

Testimonial: I would recommend Laura Stinchfield to anyone who wants to communicate with a pet, living or deceased (I’ve used both services). In this particular situation, the conversation helped me deal with issues resulting from the horrible decision I had to make about having Curtis euthanized when he was sick and miserable, which was my purpose for setting the appointment. However, I received much more than I asked for, and I assume that all of Laura’s clients can claim the same. I will always miss my little tuxedo kitty, but the burden of not knowing whether I did the right thing has lifted. The experience was positive and helpful in so many ways. If you’re on the fence about talking to Laura, make the appointment.

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