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Dairy 11/01/09

I woke up today overwhelmed with what I want to accomplish in life & where I am. Does it have something to do with setting back the clocks? Where am I needed the most I ask but maybe not enough. I did this morning, what I do everytime I feel like escaping. I drove to the mountains wishing for a glimpse of wildlife and the settling breeze of the ocean. Here I can quiet my mind and pull myself together. Have to be at work in an hour and although I’ll have to rush when I leave here at least now I am at peace so when I reach the place where there are cars and the sounds of cell phones I’ll be able to focus on the tasks at hand.

Everybody needs a place that settles the cranky mind. Thank the great spirit I have the gate code to land I love the most.

I ask storm my Aussie what he has to say. He replied, “when you go to work we get bored”. Great 🙂

And Maia my wolf girl, “I hope I don’t die by getting eaten by a mountain lion”. What do I say to that? She spent 12 years chasing them away from me and now she’s too weak. Even though she is deaf & blind she knows when they are close way before Storm & I do. The instincts of a wolf is never to be underestimated.

I wish I could just hear the crickets all day, but it won’t take long when I enter the doors of my first clients to feel blessed that I hear so much more than most.

iPhone in pocket now and breathe…

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