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I have learned through my work as a pet psychic and medium that the universe is a vast matrix that goes beyond our physical bodies.  The souls of the ones that have left their bodies touch us in subtle ways.  If we are open we can be conscious of their presence. I have leaned that we never stop learning here or on the other side.  The spirits of the dead try to show their love by helping to orchestrate the events in our lives.

A couple of months ago I would of argued that talking to animals that have passed heals people in the same capacity as speaking to humans that have died.  I would of told you that in many relationships animals hold the same value as people.  They are thought of as soul mates, children, and best friends; therefore connecting with them after death is just as precious.  This is all true, but there was a missing element I did not realize.  People are used to animals giving unconditional love.  They are used to them not having the capabilities to express their deepest feelings.  So when they hear from their pet from the other-side people’s main emotion is a sense of relief that the spirit of their animal still watches over them as well as a sense of awe that their pets unconditional love can be expressed into concrete words.

When pets die they rarely feel as if they need to make amends to the living.  What I have learned is that when we people die we often carry with us our regrets from our lives.  We leave behind unfinished business, unsaid words, and /or a trail of hurt.  I witness over and over that people learn after death and are sorry for ways they have hurt others. They feel strongly about making amends and helping the living in anyway possible.  They try very hard to let us know they are sorry and that they are still lovingly present.  If we forgive them and their wrongdoings it helps their “status” (for lack of better word) and their spiritual growth in the higher dimensions.  I believe that when people and pets first die they go and “check in”.  They learn lessons and review their lives.  During this time they may feel more distant. This time period can vary. Then I have found that some spirits watch over us all the time, some have other jobs and just come when we need or call them.  The souls of the ones that have left their bodies touch us in subtle ways.  If we are open we can be conscious of their presence. They send us signs that they are helping us and present.  They can send a breeze, a sound of a wind chime, a thought, an image, a smell, a feeling, a flicker of light, butterfly, pennies, a bird, a song on the radio, a dream or they can help orchestrate our lives by giving us clues on what direction we should go in or who should be in contact with.  They can help us with our personal and business affairs.

I feel it is very important to be open for signs of our deceased loved ones whether they are animal or human.  Be open to the fact that they may have learned that the hurt they have caused you was wrong and that they are trying to tell you they are sorry.  Be open to feeling more love from them then you ever thought possible.  For we are all connected to the same energy.  Know you are never truly alone.

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