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This is Della. She is three years old. After an MRI, she was diagnosed as going blind in her left eye and deaf in the left ear with Extreme Hydrocephalus and Syringomyelia— both spinal fluid pooling problems in her brain cavity and upper spinal cord, respectively.  She is doing fantastic.  You would never know she had a problem.  We believe she has healed herself.  Her mom (person) wanted to know what Della is saying to her. Della stares into her eyes at night.


Della says, “I am saying I love you, sweet mother of mine. You have made me healthy. I feel a great grace. You are my shining star and my bright sunlight and let’s snuggle and have everything right in the world.  Sometimes I say, let’s eat an evening snack, and you should buy me a new soft toy ball that is a stuffed squeaky. Remember to wash it.”

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