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DIARY 8/17/09 becoming an owl

As long as I can remember I have woken up every morning, just before the sunrises.  As I child I would roll out of bed and uncover my parakeets cage.  I would be wide a wake hours before he would give off his first morning tweets.  The house would be silent as my dog and I would snuggle up with a blanket in front of the bookshelf.  As I got older I was sliding the barn doors open to see the barn cats take their first stretches and the horses shaking off their wood-chip bedding of their backs.  At times, I would go into the stall with my horse or pony and lie on their stomachs to feel their breathing as the sun rose and made streaks of glittery dusty rays of light through the barn.  The groom would come down from her apartment upstairs and be thankful I had started feeding.

In Boulder Colorado, I would have done a two hour hike before my 8am class.  When my dogs were younger we would hike sisar or sulphur mountain as the last stars faded from the sky and the sun peaked its way up over the mountains.

For years as soon as the day became night I was yawning and making my way to bed.  I was first to fall asleep at any sleepover.  For some reason, my body clock is changing.  I find myself typing away at the computer, hula hooping outside, or talking to the pets way past midnight.  Wide awake when the clock flips to 2am and 3am.  The sunrises and my heart doesn’t pull me out of bed it keeps me under the covers.  Now at 7am I struggle to keep my eyes open and remember not long ago when I had walked the dogs already.  Do I need to schedule my first client later in the morning to adjust to my new body clock.  Why is it changing?  Is it changing for good?  How strange it feels.  Last night as I wandered through the house at 1:30 to make some tea one by one my animals glared at me.  “Mom, go to bed.”  “Mom, what’s wrong with you?” “Mom, a coyote wants to talk to you” “Mom if you are going to stay up will you brush me.”  “Hey mom there are treats on your desk. Can you give me one?”  “Mom, I am so bored during the day can you do something about that?”

7:05am  and I have 10 minutes to get out of the house and get the dogs walked before my 8:15 appointment.  I am not used to being rushed in the morning!  Have a beautiful day!

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