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Essential Oils For You and Your Pets

We have been having so much fun with Young-living Essential Oils.

Luca my poodle loves them!

Luca says, “They make me feel calm and secure. They give me insightful dreams. Dreams where I am hanging out with groups of people talking telepathy and everyone understands me.”

Now that’s cool!

Essential Oils and Pets

Its been a couple of months now that I have been using Young Living Essential Oils on a daily basis.  When I am home they are always diffusing in the house.

Here are some of the reasons I use them:

They help me stay grounded and cleared of energy I may pick up from each psychic session.

They help me and the animals sleep!  The dogs bark, itch, scratch and lick less!

I can rub them on the dogs’ tummies when they have belly aches or are panting at night.

I have rubbed them on my chest when I had a heart ache.  They helped to transform my sadness faster.

I have more peaceful meditations.

I rub them on the dogs when we go for walks or to agility class. The dogs are calmer and more grounded.

My little house no longer smells like 7 animals!  It smells fresh, inviting and soooo good!

They help me stay alert, clear and focused when I have long work days talking to the animals and people!

I rub them on myself when I know I am going to see a lot of people.  (I am a hermit introvert by nature).  They help me stay confident and present.

My cat Ella has stopped licking the hair off her belly.  She is more confident and relaxed around loud noises.

I just love the ritual of choosing which oil I want to diffuse and filling the diffuser.

Its so much fun!  I have never been huge into “smells” though I find it amazing how each scent creates a different feeling in me and the animals.

I have more vivid dreams.  Even some premonition dreams!

I no longer have moths in house!  I believe they help with fleas!

I am just more happy and peaceful.

I use them in my laundry too….

There are so many reasons to use them. The starter pack is sooooo much fun!  I feel like I am 8 years old again.

My sister’s kids are obsessed!  They are awesome for kids!


My sister and I are partnering up

to share more about

Young Living Essential Oils

so more people and pets

can feel healthier, more peaceful and have some fun!

When I was back home in NY my sister Zoë Grave and I had some fun doing an Instagram story talking to her two dogs Leia and Obi about Essential Oils. (Yes, my sis is a Star Wars Fan!)

Obi and Leia were great to talk with! Leia had lots of tips on what oils to diffuse and what not to diffuse.

Watch the video to hear what they have to say!


Sorry about the choppiness of these videos they are taken from my sister’s Instagram story.

Interested in trying out essential oils? Get yourself a starter pack but make sure you do it through my link so you can have my sister Zoë help you through your journey! And me too of course ♥️ 

Ready to Order…Here’s How!

  1. Head to this link: www.tinyurl.com/ThePetPsychic
  2. Make sure the “member” box is checked
  3. Enroller box should say: 16418574 / Sponsor box should say: 16418574
  4. Choose your Kit. Upgrade diffuser if desired
  5. You may sign up for essential rewards if you want, otherwise kip by pressing ‘next’ and then ‘continue enrollment’
  6. Fill out necessary info and check out…
  7. Now stalk your mailman for your kit and a welcome surprise from me!

⭐️ When you become a member you get all their products discounted. Rest assured there are no hidden fees or any obligations! Just cheaper product and access to a team of knowledgeable passionate people.  We are sorry the young living website can be confusing, but once you order you will be glad you did!

What my sister’s video unboxing the starter pack!


From Zoë:  Young Living has been super beneficial to me and Laura, my kids and our pets for so many reasons! It’s helped with our sleep, anxiety, getting over colds (and keeping them away!) as well as supporting our animals! Not to mention diffusing oils just smells really good 🙂

Are you interested but don’t know where to start? We suggest the premium starter kit since every oil you get will have you covered for whatever you need!

You get 11 essential oils plus a diffuser (the desert mist is our favorite!) There’s an oil in this kit to treat everything you can possibly think of.

  1. Digize Vitality 🤢 take for an upset tummy – can be taken internally or applied topically. This product alone was worth the price of the kit for me!  I make a roller out of this and peppermint to roll on the dogs tummy’s when they dont feel well.
  2. Thieves Vitality 💊 boosts your immune system. Apply topically, take internally or diffuse. Can be used as an all purpose cleaner and odor eliminator.  My friend just poured this over a dog bite wound and it healed it up fast!
  3. Lemon Vitality 🍋 great for removing sticky residues. Great for cooking, cleaning, diffusing and digestion
  4. Copaiba Vitality 👶 works great in combination with other oils to boost their properties. Reduces inflammation and great for teething babies!
  5. Peppermint Vitality 🌿 apply topically or breathe in to say bye to headaches. Helps with sinus congestion, allergies, nausea and increases energy.  Wow this is a wake me up!  Zoë puts it in her coffee!
  6. Frankincense 🙌 grounding and spiritual. Great for skin and helps fade scars. I often have this diffusing when I am talking with you and the animals!
  7. Raven 🌬 cleans the air and promotes a healthy respiratory system.  This is the one that is wonderful for heart ache and I love the smell!
  8. Citrus Fresh 🍊 boosts energy, relieves fear and stress and cleans the air.  Since Citrus is not great to diffuse around animals I use this added to my washer so my clothes smell great!
  9. Stress Away 👋 buh bye stress  Not kidding.  Helps me to sleep and takes the edge away when I am feeling cranky!
  10. Panaway 💪 soothes painful muscles. Great to roll on.  Some add this to the tummy roller I mentioned earlier.  Great for headaches!
  11. Lavender 😴 reduces emotional worry and feelings of stress. Gives you a peaceful nights sleep and soothes irritated skin.  Yes!  I miss this with stress away and we are all out for the whole night!  No licking, scratching and barking!

With your starter kit you will also get a bunch of other goodies like samples of Young Living’s anti-oxidant drink, Ninxia, along with packets of thieves cleaner. Once you sign up I’ll also send you a bunch of fun goodies and am always around to provide as much support as you need and want. Once you are a member you get a huge discount (24% off) on all Young Living products.

Rest assured there are no hidden fees or any obligations! Just cheaper product and access to a team of knowledgeable passionate people!


Into Essential Oils already?

Check out my amazon store for must haves:  https://www.amazon.com/shop/thepetpsychic

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