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Filson and his Eagle

Filson and his people had a memorable moment the other day. His person wanted to know how he is feeling and if he is getting ready to transition to Heaven.

But Filson had another agenda! He started our session by sharing that memorable moment with me. They even caught it on camera!

It’s so important to play with your animals! It doesn’t matter what age they are. Make sure you take the time to have fun!

On Tuesday, I spoke to Filson a 14-year-old yellow chow from Free Soil, Michigan.  The first thing he said was, “You know I have had an awesome life.

I saw an eagle fly over my head!

The smell of the wilderness is part of my soul. I got that from my mom. She embodies nature.  I am very lucky in love.” 

Later in the session he says,

“This world is beautiful and awesome. Something created it. So, when I die, I am going to the place that created this world, so I am not worried.” 

The next day his person sent me a video, taken the day before our session, of an eagle flying of Filson’s head and the family dancing around Filson singing “bird”.  It was a joyous memory for everyone.








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1 thought on “Filson and his Eagle”

  1. Laurentia McIntosh

    What a beautiful boy and what a great life! Blessings on Filson and his people. And on Laura and her kids, too!

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