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This is Fritz. He is 14 years old. Every since his doggy sister (Penny, a black lab) passed away, he has gastrointestinal issues. I was told Penny was euthanized because she got sick with kidney issues and lymphoma.
When I first got a hold of Fritz, he said, “I need to tell you something terrible. Penny drowned in water. Yes, she did. In the water.” He was insistent.
After a bit of back and forth, his owner remembered that her mother’s spaniel Bailey died by drowning the year before. Fritz almost drowned as a puppy. He had heard the story of Bailey drowning and concluded that animals die by drowning.
Sweet little guy. Imagine his fear.
This is a reminder about how important it is to explain to the other animals in the house the process of helping their beloved sibling transition. Otherwise, they will make their own assumption listening to us, our experiences, and our fears mixed with their own.
After I explained everything to Fritz, he said, “Well, I like to go walking on the path that is a dirt road. It has really pretty scenery off to the side. I love it there so much.”
This is really awesome because his person works at a vineyard, and during these walks, she feels Penny’s spirit the most. Fritz also feels Penny there.
Please take a moment to connect with your heart and send Fritz love and healing energy. Fritz is one smart special little guy.

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