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This is Gypsy.  Her person is dealing with some health challenges. During a session, she offers some advice to her mom. She says,


“I feel our family is all about the pets.  I am lucky to live here.  Sometimes my mom feels crummy.  I wonder if they have something like string play.  Exercises are perfect for my mom because I see sparkles coming off her, around her torso, and her heart when she exercises.  Stretching is good for cats and people.  If people don’t stretch, do they get crampy?  I do.  I am a good jumper. Jumping is a healthy behavior for cats.  When they feed me, they could sing.  Singing is a good behavior for people.”


Laura’s note: The animals often notice the subtle energies around us.  Gypsy is offering advice.  She sees that when people play, exercise, and stretch, they are happy and healthier.  The singing is her person doing heer speech exercises.   Sweet Gypsy is looking after her mom.

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