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Hudson my protector

Today I have been spending the day writing out side. Felix, one of my chihuahuas, is on the grass next me. Easter is in the bedroom lying next to our cat Ella. Luca, my poodle, is all for comfort sitting on the chair behind Hudson. Clyde, my rabbit, is napping in the bushes. Seamora, my parrot, is on the top of her outdoor cage being quiet.

Hudson is a typical German Shepherd. He has to have his eye on me and my surroundings at all times. Every half hour he will get up and survey the yard, check on Easter and the front house, and then settle back to his place of protection. He is a stoic majestic being. He is goofy, studious, and protective. My love for him overflows.

Hudson says, “I love to be watchful because then I am knowing.”

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2 thoughts on “Hudson my protector”

  1. I really enjoy the videos of your work. I just watched your one of that distracted Raven. Poor guy. Ravens are such amazing and smart bird’s. He seemed lost, somehow. I wondered if he was energetically unbalanced by the vibe of that flyer. He seemed maybe, a bit out-of-it. Do you know if he found his friends, again?
    Anyway, if you see him again, it will be interesting to hear about it.
    I always look forward to your videos. If you ever feel like putting more of them out, I bet I’m not the only one who would love it.

    1. The Pet Psychic ®

      Hi Karen, It is nice to hear from you. I think that little guy is ok. Someone told me ravens are often alone. He was pretty healthy. Thank you for your support. I do plan on putting more videos out there. Stay tuned 🙂

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