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Joie The Cancun Iguana

Joie the Cancun Wild Iguana

First Published in the Santa Barbara News-Press

June 19, 2019


At a luxury resort in Cancun, Mexico, an iguana looked down at us with exquisite eyes from the pergola above our hotel room. When I asked her why she was up so high she answered, “I like to view of the ocean from up here. I can see where the other iguanas are. One of them picks on me.”  We told her to imagine both her and that iguana at peace and to send him compassion.  She thought about it but did not respond.

I love watching reptiles eat.  They eat with an unusual presence of mind, savoring each taste with delight.  I asked her if she would like a treat. “I love strawberries.”  She replied That was an easy request to fulfill at the breakfast buffet.

We named her Joie after Dr. Joe Dispenza.  It seemed an obvious choice since we were attending his workshop. Joie became more and more comfortable with each feeding. One day we sat down with her to learn more about her.  We quickly learned she was female when she asked us, “How many birthdays have you had?”  She didn’t mean how old we are.  She wanted to know how many times we had given birth.

She got startled when someone walked behind her. I asked her why she was scared. She told us that she has seen other iguanas scooped up in nets and taken away.  I explained to her that the resort staff was extremely compassionate towards animals, so they were probably re-homing the other iguanas because of overpopulation.  I explained the difference between staff uniforms and the guests’ attire.  She told us, “I have never known people to sing with their heart like you do?”  She was definitely talking about my friend who is sings beautifully throughout the day.

Joie then asked, “How many skies are there?” Because we were spending a lot of time meditating, we quickly assumed she meant dimensions to the universe or states of mind, but Joie was being much more literal. She continued, “I like peaceful skies. I get scared of the storms. I have nowhere to hide.”

I looked around. She has plenty of places to hide. Joie then showed me a wild storm. She must be talking about hurricanes. I explained to her that people at the resort love animals and during these storms she should just run inside the hotel. The staff would be kind to her then. My friend Marna gave her directions on how to get into a nearby corridor that is contained but still has lots of plants.  It would be a safe place for her to take shelter during a hurricane and extremely close to where she is presently living. I told Joie to go explore the area in the middle of the night or early in the morning, so she knows exactly where to go. She likes that idea and found great comfort in it. I also told her we were leaving and that she could manifest strawberries by looking at people and thinking strawberry over and over or while looking at the “peaceful sky” imagining herself happily eating strawberries.  Of course, she could manifest this too. She manifested us.

We had this conversation as she feasted on strawberries, melons and a banana. Afterwards she stretched out on the grass and relaxed into her belly with her legs sprawled out. One did not need to be a pet psychic to see her gazing into our eyes with wonder.  She is clearly fond of us and will miss us when we are gone.  The feeling is mutual.  Until we meet again, sweet Joie.



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