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Happy Birthday, Jubilee! It’s hard to believe my girl just turned 10!

Over at Renegade Equine, they made her a cake for her birthday which included her favorite peppermint treats!

I got to FaceTime with her! The photos are screen shots.

At first she didn’t want to share with her friends, but then she did! I asked Jubilee her wish for this year.

She says, “I wish all the horses that come through here get safe loving homes. I have everything I need. I would like to learn something new but I’m not sure what yet.”

Katie trains mustangs before they find their homes. Jubilee gets to be teacher to them. I’m glad she feels she had everything she needs.

We all should learn something new.

Let the universe surprise us on what that may be! We will keep you posted!

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2 thoughts on “Jubilee”

  1. Stephanie McCurry

    I was just thinking about you, yesterday Jubilee! You popped into my mind. Looks like you had a wonderful bday! Happy belated Birthday, beautiful!

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