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This is my horse Jubilee. She will be 6 years old this month. She says, “Sometimes I learn something and I don’t like it. I feel frustrated like my mom is forcing me to learn, but then something happens and I understand. When this happens it is really awesome because then I feel smart, athletic and talented. Now when I feel frustrated, I wonder to myself if in the future I will feel smart and talented. I think this is important for me to remember so I can enjoy the moment.

Sometimes I think about what I’m learning when I am just hanging out. I didn’t used to do that. Learning is fun. If you are not having fun maybe it’s just your attitude… Or there is a bad person around but I hope that is not it. My mom wasn’t bad and forcing me, she was being consistent. I am glad I figured it out. I think my brain just got smarter.”

I am so proud of Jubilee for getting it. It is so important to be consistent. She was not the only one who was getting frustrated! Now we both enjoy each other more. Oftentimes I hear people say their animals are stubborn. Stubborn can just be confusion. No matter how experienced of an animal person you are, it is nice to get help from other animal professionals. Someone else may give you a key that changes everything immediately or may help create change over time. Keep teaching and have fun!

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