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Julio is getting ready to crossover…


“I want mom to trust that I will be with her after I go.  I know mom needs time to let me go but I want her to know I am ready when ever she is.  Vinnie (cat friend) said that when your mom is spiritual you can be heard and seen by them after you die and you can help them in ways you couldn’t before.  So when I go to heaven mom will know that I am working with her.  Can she plant flowers for me and when my mom is ready she will know that I agree because I will look her in the eye and touch her arm and she will know we both agree.”

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1 thought on “Julio is getting ready to crossover…”

  1. for a long time i have had my dog corey.and my cat mocha’s ahes on the fire place mantell,than we began remodling our kitchen i felt they wanted to know what was going on ,i moved there ashes and pictures to the buffa table,they can now see the new dinning room, remodled ,and the new kitchen,It has made, me happier,ifell they are still with me, and every one comments, on t ,who comes over ,How nice, that is, As long as we have them, in our hearts,They are never gone from us,Cody and i both are getting over a ear infection,he fell off my bed a few weeks ago i lay my hands onCody every night and pray for him,sometimes give him half a babby asprian, we are still very close and doing good .love Darla golden

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