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Stormy Answers


#StormyAnswers on Instagram @nature77girl #AskStormy “I’m getting very frustrated with my chronic pain and can get into the doctor for a procedure to help. How can I gain tolerance for my condition?”

#StormyAnswers, “I know how you feel. What you have to do is envision your body alive and vibrant. In-between pain owies see if you can touch the sun within your heart center. It’s important to breathe into this spot. If you get another owie pain, take a deep breathe, say something you’re grateful for and then go back to envisioning your body alive and vibrant. A lot of people want to concentrate on their pain for sympathy, but sympathy is only instant gratification. You need to find the warmth inside of you that can be your friend when you’re alone. Believe you can still have a fulfilling life. I’m old and have pain so I know. There is so much to enjoy. Enjoy the peace within. This is your life. It is what you make it. Be well @nature77girl”

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