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Lost Cats – Pet Psychic Radio 10-09-14

Pet Psychic Radio * Lost Cats. So excited we are going to have Kim Freeman & her cat Henry of Lost Cat Recovery as our guest this Thursday. PET PSYCHIC RADIO LIVE THURSDAYS at 12 pm PST. call in line 917-889-2693 Listen Live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thepetpsychic Learn more at http://thepetpsychic.com/pet-psychic-radio Post Pictures at https://www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio The radio show for animals and their people. Animals Wanted - Dead or Alive. Ask or tell your animal anything. Kim Freeman & Henry's facebook page: www.facebook.com/LostCatFindersPetDetective
Kim Freeman and Henry of Lost Cat Finders Pet Detective


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@ 02:30 – Makia’s WoW, “When you feel sick, take care of yourself …”
@ 04:46 – golden retriever Bodie*, had to put him to sleep.
@ 18:00 – guest Kim Freeman & cat Henry, Lost Cat Finders Pet Detective and www.facebook.com/LostCatFindersPetDetective
@ 32:26 – Laura & Ai, why Laura does not help with lost pets.
@ 35:02 – Linda & cat HRH BlueBelle, how is she feeling?
^ “I know that I’m healthy. Inside my body is a healing serpent that eats disease.”   ****Note Below
@ 44:52 – Brooke & orange/white cat Tibian, sick, how to help him?
@ 50:40 – Jamie & black cat Sila, what does she want to tell me?
^ “We’re the best and no one competes with us.”
@ 56:45 – Stormy’s WoW, “Trust that spirit guides you …”

Photos: www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio/posts/792352150806879

* Kim Freeman, Lost Cat Finders Pet Detective, www.LostCatFinder.com and
* Tooga Tales, poisoning danger of over the counter flea products.
* Laura’s website, www.ThePetPsychic.com
* Laura’s twitter, www.twitter.com/ThePetPsychic
* Ai’s twitter (vegan information), www.twitter.com/yukochino


****Note: From Linda and Blue Belle’s friend:

Here is some validation for you. As you know, I know Linda and HRH BlueBelle and HRH’s brother Tooga. During the show today, HRH said, “I know that I’m healthy. Inside my body is a healing serpent that eats disease.” Well. Here’s what I just messaged to Linda about that statement …

Laura is 100% accurate (no surprise)! Regarding the healing meditation that I do with HRH (and also with Tooga), I envision Archangel Michael holding what looks like a vacuum hose (going in through the top of her head) that I guide all throughout HRH’s body. It “sucks up” any junk and that junk goes up and out and is transformed by Angels at the other end of the hose into love and light. Once all the body has been “vacuumed”, Archangel Michael switches the hose and it sends in a “paste” of Light to fill in where junk has been removed. Amazing.

I learned that healing meditation for Doreen Virtue.  Linda messaged me back and said that this morning she bought a new vacuum cleaner! Linda knew beforehand that I do the meditation but I never told her the details that it involves “vacuuming”!

All the best, D.

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